Computer Fundamentals Tutorials

Computer Systems

The computer systems have two major components: hardware and software. Computer hardware is the physical equipment and software is the collection of programs (instructions) that…
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fourth generation computer

Fourth Generation of Computer

The time period of the fourth generation of computers was 1971-1980. The fourth generation of computer was developed using VLSI (Very Large Scale Integrated) Circuit.…
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C programming examples

Basic of Programming Language

In the previous tutorial, we have learned about some basic programming concepts of computer systems, that what is hardware and software, platform-dependent and independent, CUI,…
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Server Side Programming

Server-Side Programming | It is a program that runs on a server dealing with the generation of content on a web page. Why do we…
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first generation computers room

First Generation of Computer

The first generation of computer was very different from today’s computers. The first generation of computers was based on vacuum tube technology. The batch processing…
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Know Program

Desktop Application

An application that can only be executed in a local system with a local call is called a desktop application or Desktop apps. In simple…
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