Design Patterns Tutorial

The design patterns are the best practices to develop software applications effectively. Design patterns are not specific to one language/technology or framework, it can be implemented anywhere. But for large-scale, complex, and high-end applications mainly Java language is used and Java programmers encounter many problems compared to other language developers. The problem may be a memory/performance or integration issue and therefore we can see more utilization of design patterns in the Java language.

  • Factory Pattern in Java
    In this tutorial, we will discuss the following points:- What is the factory pattern? What are the problems and why we need to use the Factory pattern? How factory pattern in Java solves those problems. What are real-time examples of factory design patterns in Java?  There are four different terms which contains “Factory” words:- Static Factory Method:- Any method which creates and returns an object is called a factory method. …

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  • Types of Design Patterns
    Previously, we discussed what is design patterns, GoF and J2EE patterns. See here:- Design Patterns. Now, let us see the different types of design patterns used in Java. There are many pattern catalog are available but mainly two of them are very popular. GoF Design Patterns:- The GoF design patterns deal with the reoccurring problems of OOP. J2EE Design Patterns:- It gives problem and solution related to JEE (Java Platform …

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  • Design Patterns in Java
    What are design patterns? What are the design patterns in Java with examples? What are the software design patterns? Why we should learn design patterns? What are the gang of four (GoF) and J2EE design patterns in Java? What is the prerequisite to learn the design pattern? When we use regular language/technology/framework in a regular manner in product or application development then there may be a chance of getting some …

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