5 Must-Have Google Chrome Extensions for Twitch Users

5 Must-Have Google Chrome Extensions for Twitch Users | If you’re into online gaming, you have probably heard of Twitch. The popular streaming app is a staple for members of the gaming community. Most people use it to stream games, but some also use it to stream music broadcasts or other creative content. If you have a strong connection, such as through Spectrum internet packages, you’re good to go because the customer service is extremely good in case of Spectrum Internet outage. When you face no lags while streaming or viewing a stream, you can have a more or less enjoyable time on Twitch.

However, the app itself often poses problems other than lagging. While it has the most features needed for streaming, many users find it lacking. For example, its interface is bland and not very user-friendly. This is why the Twitch userbase came to its rescue! Instead of putting up with Twitch’s weaknesses, they came up with easy solutions. Most of these exist as handy Google Chrome extensions.

Since the majority of Internet users prefer to use the Google Chrome web browser, these extensions are very accessible. In fact, many Twitch users are so used to them that they can no longer imagine using Twitch in its basic form. If you are new to the streaming platform and finding it hard to navigate, try installing some of these extensions. Made by Twitch users, for Twitch users, they are sure to improve your experience by many degrees.

1. BetterTwitchTV

BetterTwitchTV (BTTV) is the holy grail of the Twitch community. As its name promises, it’s Twitch—but better! With this Chrome extension, you can instantly elevate your streaming experience. Having multiple useful features, this extension guarantees you a smooth ride, whether you’re a gamer or a viewer. 

One of the major attractions of this app is its Dark Mode option. Also, it comes with a handy anonymous chat option. You can even change the appearance of your chat box to suit your style.

Moreover, BetterTwitchTV simplifies using Twitch. For instance, to host a channel on Twitch, you usually have to use the command “/host channelname”. This involves a lot of hassle, like going to your own channel, typing the lengthy command, and then returning to the new channel. You don’t have to do any of this if you have BetterTwitchTV installed. Instead, you can simply click a big, purple host button directly beneath the stream window. Just like that, you’ll host a new channel in one click.

2. Twitch Favorites

On Twitch, your gaming community can get very big. This is why it’s possible to often miss any updates from your friends. With Twitch Favorites, you can cut the clutter and always find your people. If you mark a user as a favorite, their messages and updates will stand out. Twitch Favorites will highlight any notifications from your favorite people.

To add someone to your favorites, you simply have to type their username into a list. You can even assign every person a distinct color! This will make finding them much easier.

3. FrankerFaceZ

FrankerFaceZ (FFZ) is an all-rounder. Instead of focusing on one feature, it offers you a variety of options. For example, you can hide the unfollow button. This will prevent you from unfollowing your friends by mistake. You can also hide badges from your chats. Moreover, this extension lets you automatically open chats when you access offline channel pages. Plus, you can customize the appearance of your chats by changing their fonts or colors.

You can also add a keyboard shortcut to open the emote menu. Other minor features, like your name becoming bold when mentioned, really improve your overall Twitch experience.

4. TwitchLive

This extension lets you easily visit your favorite channels without exiting the Twitch interface. By clicking on a drop-down menu, you can see all the channels that are currently live. To add someone to that list, you simply need to enter their name manually. Even if you don’t follow their channel, you’ll get notified whenever they go live. If you don’t want to do this manually, you can even import the list of channels you follow!

Moreover, you can adjust your settings so that you receive desktop notifications whenever a live stream starts. 

5. Unwanted Twitch

If you have some favorites on Twitch, then you probably have the opposite too. By using Unwanted Twitch, you can ensure that they stay out of your sight!

With this extension, you can add any unwanted tags, channels, categories to a blacklist. To block any of these things, you simply have to click the ‘X’ mark beside them. Also, you can always undo your actions. By adding or removing names as you wish, you can maintain a custom blacklist. So, you are guaranteed a pleasant streaming experience with nothing unwanted to sour your mood.

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