Top In-Demand Skills To Be Mastered By A Cloud Professional

Stepping into a Cloud Computing career? Want to become a cloud computing professional? But don’t know what skills make you an expert in cloud computing? Do not worry, we have got you covered. Learn about top in-demand skills that need to be mastered by every professional in cloud computing in this comprehensive blog. Intellipaat Cloud computing course offers you industrial training with hands-on learning that makes you efficient in grasping the concepts. 


Programming skills come under essential prerequisites to work in the cloud since cloud platforms do need professionals with expertise in coding. Some popular programming languages are more suitable for cloud-based software than others. Java, JavaScript, and Python, as well as newer languages like Go and Scala, are among them. Programming languages such as SQL, NoSQL, and Linux are all required skills for database programming. Moreover, if your job involves creating software, online apps, or websites then you will need to be able to know how to program.

IT professionals who wish to automate business processes will find it handy as well. Therefore, It goes without saying that coding abilities are always a bonus when it comes to Cloud Computing. However, it’s critical to consider why we’re utilizing Cloud Computing in the first place. Most platforms like AWS, Microsoft Azure, and GCP provide a wide range of services that do not require coding.


Lowering threats in backend operations starts with a solid background of security throughout software design. A professional who works with the cloud must have knowledge of information security. A certification in cloud security can be an advantage to land in cloud roles. You require a secure method of gaining instant access to your information.

Cloud security guarantees that authorized users have access to your data and apps. You’ll often have a secure means of accessing your cloud apps and data, allowing you to respond promptly to any possible security threats. Moreover, you need to improve your knowledge in concepts like system configuration, Identity and Access Management, Cloud architecture, Encryption, and Virtualization.

Cloud Computing Platforms

Obviously, you need to have complete end-to-end insights into cloud computing to become a master in this field. Practical knowledge of how the cloud works and how to develop cloud architecture along with how to operate the cloud are all essential skills you must have. The cloud providing industry is growing enormously with new platforms and the latest services.

Many companies from startups to multinational companies are highly investing in cloud platforms. As a  result, one should know what are the various popular cloud platforms and how they work. A recognized certification in such platforms as Amazon web services, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure is a boost up to your career. 


A deeper understanding of systems and networks is also considered an important skill a cloud professional requires. As customers’ centralized computer resources are distributed across clouds, networking has resulted in the growth of cloud-based network management functions. With additional network management functionalities, the number of consumer endpoints required to administer the network decreases.

Also, Competent network administration will become an extremely crucial cloud computing skill post this pandemic. So, A cloud engineer may potentially be in charge of devising methods to guarantee that systems are constantly reactive to client needs by using automated modification techniques. Therefore, A cloud professional must be familiar with networking basics and virtual networks in order to connect to the cloud.


Understanding how a database server works is also an in-demand skill one must master to land in this career. Storage constraints, security concerns, and database efficiency are all issues to contend with when it comes to the onsite data centers. Furthermore, Gorton points out that providers often provide a choice of databases, many of which are preferable for evaluating massive data sets and many others for processing transactions.

Professionals in the cloud computing field must know which databases and services are most appropriate for a certain company requirement. Without knowing about databases, it will be difficult to work with servers. Also, you must know database languages such as SQL to work with databases. Hence, it is preferable to learn about the database and the language required to work with it. 

Serverless Architecture

Along with cloud computing, you should also learn about serverless architecture. Serverless architecture is also a trending and demanding skill which refers to a method for businesses to develop and execute cloud-based applications without having to worry about servers and technology. It allows you to delegate architecture-related tasks to others, including supply, scalability, and management.

Regular duties like security patching, supply chain, task scheduling, scalability, and so on are no longer required with this method. This architecture will assist in automated scaling and you will only charge for what you are using. With the help of the knowledge of this concept, you will be able to work in any type of architecture. Hence, Serverless Architecture is also an in-demand skill. Learn and secure Cloud Certification to grow in your cloud computing career. 

Let’s move on further in this list of in-demand skills a cloud professional must-have. 

Machine Learning

The next in-demand skill that comes on this list is machine learning. Machine learning is also a booming industry which is why knowledge in this domain is just as important as others. Machine learning algorithms are used in cloud and distributed systems. The ability to integrate machine learning technology with cloud platforms will evolve into a new advanced technology that improves the efficiency of the work environment.

Businesses may easily test with machine learning technology in the cloud and increase capacity when initiatives move into production and availability grows. The cloud allows cognitive capabilities to be accessed without the need for specialized artificial intelligence or data science expertise. Therefore, Knowledge in machine learning is also advantageous to start your career in this domain. 


One of the best practices in software development to make the work process more efficient is DevOps which practically means development and operations. This indicates the process of where both the development and operations teams work together towards the same goal.

This is critical in any software development life cycle since it improves the ability of the organization to provide wide apps and systems resulting in changing and process improvement at a quicker rate than firms utilizing conventional application development and network management techniques. Therefore, one who mastered DevOps tools has a great chance to step ahead of others. 


One of the major advantages of cloud computing is automation. It is possible to boost productivity by programming apps to make their own accurate judgments without any need for human participation. The workforce will profit from new cloud computing that includes automation and management features if you automate your older apps. In reality, this can result in errors, discrepancies, and manual data entry will be eliminated. The reliability and reproducibility of data will be improved with proper automation. As a result, professionals do need automation skills to excel in this career. 

New Technologies

Last but not least, Keeping up with evolving cloud computing trends will allow you to keep yourself one step ahead. Cloud computing is one of the trending and fastest-growing technologies out there in the market IT industry which is impacting the way how business works. It is improving the business processes with utmost efficiency provided by the latest trends in the cloud domain. New latest technologies are being introduced in the market to reduce our workload and take the work environment to the next level. Acquainting yourself with the latest trends and technologies of cloud computing is an in-demand skill that helps you survive in this field.

Bottom Line

Since its invention, Cloud Computing has always been on top of the trend in the IT industry. It is proven to be the best way to store any company’s data and infrastructure. Cloud has come up with many new trends in itself in the past few years and it is going to upgrade in every way possible. Top cloud platform rulers like Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, and many other platforms are also involving the latest implementations in order to provide the best services to its users.

This cloud trend is never-ending. In fact, cloud computing has kept on expanding the number of users each year which shows that it will continue to increase in the future as well. And this ever-expanding career will definitely create job opportunities for professionals who are experts in top skills. In this blog, I have compiled the top ten in-demand skills which are very crucial for any professional to master in order to succeed in this career. Starting from prerequisites to advanced skills, every skill is very essential since cloud computing is not just a single domain, it is a combination of various technology fields. This career involves cloud computing, database management, machine learning, AI, Automation, DevOps, and many more. All these skills are mandatory if you want to excel in a cloud career.

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