Applications of Computer in Business

The Applications of Computer in Business | In the 21st -century use of computers has become very vital in business. We are completely surrounded by the computer and their applications in our daily life.

Nowadays, the use of computers in managing an online or offline business is increasing. Computers play a very significant role in managing various industries like information technology, automobile manufacturing, aerospace manufacturing, FMCG manufacturing, etc.

Some of the top applications of computer in business organizations are to manage different types of files, documents, reports, and work follow every management or department. Computers have revolutionized the way of working in various industries and those industries which are not using computers are lagging behind.

applications of Computer in Business

Uses of Computer in Business

List of applications of computer in business,

  • Management
  • Communication
  • Meeting
  • Logistic and Supply chain
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Finance
  • Documentation
  • Storage
  • Research
  • Training

Management:- computers help the organization to look after the organization management effectively and provide the report regarding the functioning of every management like Top Level Management, Middle-Level Management, and Lower Level Management. It provides the report to the board of directors to look at the efficiency of each level of management and make the changes accordingly which helps the organization to work smoothly.

Communication:- Computer used in managing communication in the organization, computer work in both external and internal communication in external communication computer used to communicate with the consumer and the supplier of raw material and in the internal communication computer used to communicate with employee and management of communication.

Meeting:- Computers are being used in arranging meetings nowadays in various organizations as the situation has been changed globally due to the Covid-19 Pandemic various organizations are using online platforms such as Zoom or Google Meet for meetings with suppliers and the employee of the organization.

Logistic and Supply Chain:- Computers are being used in managing the logistic and supply chain in the organization it keeps the record of inward and outward logistic and that helps the organization to track the consignment/shipment all across the globe.

Marketing:- Computer help the organization to manage the marketing campaign it allows the organization to perform variety of task and help the marketer to design the market campaign as per the target consumer and create the website with various types of media for example images, text and video it helps the organization to sell the products/ service to target consumer with minimum marketing budget. Computers help the Marketer to create various types of reports for the organization and present those reports to higher management for the new trend in market or new product developed or the reengineering of the existing products which helps the organization to take appropriate action and eventually it benefits the organization.

Sales:- Computers are being used in increasing sales and maximizing the profit of organizations. It helps the organization to create a sales campaign and used to create sales forecasts of product or service which help the organization to predict the organization growth. Computers are used to advertise the product to target consumers at various social and digital platforms which help the organization to increase profit.

Finance:- Computers are being used in the finance department of the organization. It helps the organization to predict the growth of the organization and manage the cash flow in the organization. It helps the organization in accounting with the software like quick book and Tally ERP9. It provides the report to shareholders about the financial situation of the company and helps the organization to borrow the fund from the market for the organization,s expansion.

Documentation:- Computers are being used in creating documentation in the organization with help of software it can create various documentation like purchase orders, sales reports, dossier, presentation, and various other documentation which helps the organization to function smoothly.

Storage:- Computers are being used as storage to collect and store the documentation and report of the organization at the specified place. Which helps the organization to reduce the manual storage system and decrease the burden of maintaining physical files. It helps the organization to store data in various different ways. There are various cloud storage service providers such as Google and Microsoft which help the organization to save the documents and files on the cloud.

Research:- Computers are being used in research in the organization. It helps the organization to research the market trend, new product development, consumer interest, target consumer demographic, age segment, and various other things. In the 21st century, computers are being used in the digital research of consumers with the help of various software. it helps the organization to understand the consumer.

Training:- Computers are being used in training in the organization it helps the organization to train its manpower and making them understand the computer and it’s function. Training helps the employee to work in a more efficient way.

Business Software List

Here are some popular software and computer applications that most business organizations use.

Google Doc and Microsoft Word For document creation
Google Sheet and Microsoft ExcelEmployee salary sheet and basic calculation
Google Drive and DropboxDocument and File storage
QuickBooks Accounting
PayPal, Square and StripePayments and Invoicing
Zoom, Skype, and SlackOnline meeting and Team collaboration
Bitrix24, Salesforce, and ZohoCustomer relationship management
Asana, Trello, BaseCamp, and EvernoteProject management and Meeting notes taking
Rescue TimeTime tracking
Microsoft PowerPoint or NumbersFor presentation making

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