How to Start Your YouTube Channel for Programming

How to Start Your YouTube Channel for Programming | YouTube has become the go-to destination for anyone looking to learn how to code. Whether you’re learning to program JavaScript or C++, Python or HTML, thousands of channels with videos on the subject are available for free and easy to watch at any time of day or night.

If you want to start a Youtube channel on programming topics but are unsure where to begin, follow these simple steps to get yourself going in no time.

Determine Your Goals For your YouTube Channel

Before you start creating videos, it’s important to take some time to think about your goals for your channel. What do you want to achieve with your programming tutorials? Do you want to build a following of like-minded developers? Do you want to generate leads for your consulting business?

Once you have a clear idea of your goals, you can start planning your content strategy.

Determine Your YouTube Channel Style

You can’t just start throwing up videos and hope they’ll find an audience. You need a style and format that works for you and your programming niche. Here are some kinds to choose from:-

1. Tutorial-style YouTube Programming Videos

Tutorial-style YouTube Programming is the video equivalent of blog posts, where you provide step-by-step instructions on how to complete a task. For example, you might show someone how to build their first website in one video.

The key difference between tutorials and traditional programming videos is that the person watching them doesn’t need prior knowledge or experience to understand them.

2. Informational-style YouTube Videos

Informational-style videos are meant to provide knowledge on programming topics and subjects. They can be lengthy, so they’re perfect for breaking into smaller chunks to increase viewership and engagement

These types of videos should also have subtitles or captions, as people who prefer reading over watching may find it easier to digest this information.

3. Live Coding-style YouTube Programming Videos

A live coding-style video is one where the programmer talks through their code as they write it. This type of video is great for beginners because it can help them understand how experienced programmers think and work. 

It’s also good for people who are less comfortable with reading instructions in written form or for those who just want to see what programming looks like in action.

YouTube Video Initial Planning & Setup Tips

  • Write down some ideas for videos that you think would be popular with your target audience
  • Make sure you upload a high-quality logo that is simple enough that viewers can recognize it at first glance
  • Upload an intro video that introduces who you are and what your channel is all about
  • Upload an outro video thanking viewers for tuning in and letting them know when the next video will be uploaded; you can use YouTube end-screen template to gain more viewers for your videos.

YouTube Video Planning and Scripting Tips

1. Format:- Decide on a format for your videos. Would you like to just sit in front of a camera and talk? Would you rather use PowerPoint slides?

It’s important to know this ahead of time because it will affect what equipment you’ll need (i.e., a microphone) as well as where the camera needs to be placed.

2. Write your script:- If you’re doing voiceovers, you must have your lines written down ahead of time because nothing is more awkward than stumbling over your words while on camera. 

It also helps if you practice delivering those lines so that when it comes time to record, it flows naturally and doesn’t feel rehearsed. 

3. Start Filming:- Keep an eye on things like lighting, sound quality, and framing while recording because they’re much more difficult to fix later if they’re not right from the beginning.

When you upload the finished product to YouTube, it’s also worth mentioning that there are certain technical settings you can change to optimize your video for people who watch on mobile devices. For example, enabling automatic captions and using high-quality formats like H264 allow viewers to easily watch videos without buffering even if their Internet connection isn’t very strong.

Consider uploading videos in 1080p HD as well since higher resolution allows people to zoom in on your screen during playback if necessary.

4. Upload:- Upload your videos to YouTube, and make sure to send them to your friends and family for feedback on whether or not it’s worth investing more time into creating new content.

Make sure you include keywords about programming in the title of your video so that people can find it in search results. Also, decide how many videos you want to make per week and how long each video should be.

Create YouTube Thumbnail and Title

A good thumbnail and title can make all the difference in whether or not someone clicks on your video. Be sure to use keywords that relate to your programming niche, and try to make your thumbnail look visually appealing.

As for the title, make it short, sweet, and to the point. Don’t include too many words – keep them simple, so people will know what they’re getting into when they click on your video.

Learn How The YouTube Algorithm Works

The algorithm is designed to surface content viewers likely find engaging. If you want your channel to be successful, you need to create content that viewers will find interesting and want to watch.

Here are a few tips for creating content that the YouTube algorithm will surface:-

  • Create videos with high production values.
  • Choose a niche topic or subject matter to cover in your videos, such as web development or coding languages like Java or Python.
  • Focus on teaching your audience something new, rather than just doing tutorials or reviews of software.
  • Add subtitles to your videos for people who speak different languages can also enjoy them.
  • Use captions instead of relying solely on subtitles for an enhanced experience.
  • Upload videos regularly.

Consistency and Specific Goals for YouTube Channel

The most important factor for success on any YouTube channel is consistency. You must upload videos regularly (ideally at least once a week) to grow your audience. But uploading videos isn’t enough – you also need to have specific goals for your channel. 

Your goal could be to teach people how to code, or it could be to teach people how to make games. Whatever the goal, it needs to tie into your videos’ content and get viewers excited about what they’ll learn from your channel.


If you love and know a lot about programming and are eager to share your knowledge with the world, starting a YouTube channel is a great way to do it. This guide covers everything you need to know about getting started, from planning your content to promoting your YouTube channel.

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