6 Well-Grounded Reasons to Start Learning Python

Why Python: 6 well-grounded reasons to start learning this programming language | IT is a great sphere demanding more and more people every year. Now it is common that students to become established IT specialists while still in college. We are familiar with programmers who started their professional careers in high school. And nothing suggests that this trend will change in the close future. Thus, IT is certainly a decent career option. 

There are so many career opportunities that one can build an excellent career in the IT field even without knowing any programming languages. Let’s just take a popular online business of academic writing for hire where one can pay for essay and get personal academic support. It demands strong IT backup, but it is not required for all team members. Still, if you plan to be a developer, you will need them, and the more, the better. Indeed, the variety of programming languages is almost the same as the national languages of the world. Which one to choose? 

If you only think of entering IT for the first time or want to add another language to your resume, the most popular choice is Python. All the favorites that emerged in recent years could not shake Python’s value. Even if the profession of a programmer does not attract you much, this language is most helpful for such areas as Data Science, Machine Learning, etc. And, of course, there are other reasons. Let’s imagine we need to write an essay about all the wonders of Python. What should we start from? 

The Mighty Python and all its benefits

Python is not a newcomer at all. It appeared in the late 1980x and gained worldwide appreciation very quickly. Initially, it was named after the famous TV show “Monty Python’s Flying Circus.” However, the term got its own existence and now relates to a well-known snake. But it is not the reason to avoid this language even if you don’t like snakes. 

In the last 30 years, Python has been improving, introducing new functions and other innovations. Still, it kept its initial philosophy. With Python, you can do everything. 

Python is easy to learn and operate

This is the weightiest argument in favor of Python when you consider it as the first programming language. It has a simple and clean syntax with English keywords. You don’t even need to know programming to learn Python – it is enough to know the basics of Math. Students can easily start learning this language. 

Next, Python is more concise. You remember that recommendation for writing an essay, to make it laconic. Pity that we don’t have the writing essay service in Python. Such a piece would certainly be informative and to the point. If you compare it to other programming languages, the Python code will require fewer lines to perform the same task. You can write it faster, and even beginners understand this code without difficulties. 

Open-source nature

Python is the open-source coding language. Therefore, it is free of charge. Also, it allows for adding libraries, structures, and other tools to keep the language actual and easy to adapt to the new challenges. Moreover, there is a community of professionals who support Python users globally. 

Hundreds of libraries and frameworks

One of the primary reasons for Python’s popularity is its huge and robust environment. There are numerous libraries and frameworks to simplify code writing. Such frameworks as Django and Flask are extremely helpful in web development, and such libraries as Pandas, NumPy, and SciPy are the most frequent choices for data analysts. 

Besides, the official Python website offers plenty of manuals for beginners free of charge. There are learning materials for both the students willing to learn Python from scratch and for programmers with some Python experience. 

Universalism and flexibility

Python is universal, and it is good to be an all-around developer. This language can do many things, and you, as a programmer, won’t have time to be bored. Whether you get into a big company or start your own business, you can use Python for: 

  • Web development
  • Mobile development
  • AI
  • Machine Learning 
  • Internet of Things
  • Game development
  • Data Science in regards to data analysis and visualization 
  • Computer vision

And many other areas. As you see, all the most prospective areas of modern IT rely on Python, and students can benefit from that, planning their internships and future careers.

Career opportunities

Let’s be honest – we all want to make a success. The IT industry offers terrific prospects, and qualified programmers make excellent careers with impressive salaries. What can a student expect as a Python specialist? Start from the fact that all the IT leaders apply Python. 

Google uses Python from the start of its work, and now it is one of their official server languages. Facebook and Instagram include Python in their technologies. Netflix, Spotify, Dropbox, Reddit, Amazon, Uber, NASA – they all use Python. Add countless smaller companies, and you can have a general understanding of this language’s scope. 

Qualified Python specialists are wanted everywhere. You will always get numerous offers and possibilities to develop your career, grow professionally, and earn good money. 

The best startup technology

Startups are risky, but some of them do become successful. Still, many students try their hands at creating new products. We all know enough stories with a happy ending, and it might be worth trying. One thing to remember is that if you decide to launch your own startup, you will have to work hard and find all kinds of options to save time and money. 

When it is a digital startup, you can’t afford to exceed the budget. You also need to finish on time. Otherwise, another startup may outrun you. 

Python is simple and efficient. You need less time and quality control. Therefore, you can use your investments smarter. These factors make Python a clear winner in comparison with other programming languages for startups. And a startup is a perfect opportunity for any student to get the first job and gain professional experience. With good Python, you can get the job faster and master the profession decently. Then you’ll switch to a big company with a big paycheck. 

Final Words

Learning programming languages is more than just getting technical knowledge and coding skills. First of all, it is a new way of thinking and new work approaches. Should one be a persuasive essay writer, they will extract plenty of helpful ideas from Python. Its fundamental statements are “beautiful is better than ugly” and “simple is better than complex.” They demonstrate the attitude that matches the modern-day principles excellently, whether you are building an application or writing a book.  

Most likely, you will learn more languages and frameworks if you become a programmer. Possibly, you will find new favorites. And it can be so that Python won’t remain your most favored choice. The future will decide it. However, we all need a starting point. Python remains user-friendly, flexible, and reliable. It is the best option to appeal to any person who loves IT.

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