3 Ways Today’s Small Businesses Can Benefit from Digital Transformation

3 Ways Today’s Small Businesses Can Benefit from Digital Transformation | You have probably heard it said that we are living in the digital age. However, did you ever stop to think about what that means for your small business and how you can benefit from an ongoing digital transformation?

There probably isn’t an area of your company that can’t benefit from what amounts to a 21st-century digital revolution in one way or another. If you want to stay competitive within your industry, it is imperative that you explore some of the benefits of operating in the digital realm. It’s time for a major transformation.

1. Low Code and No Code Applications

Even your website is built on a WordPress platform that makes it easy to be accessed and/or modified by anyone with low-code or no-code experience. While you may have hired a website designer to create a bespoke WordPress theme, you don’t need to know any code whatsoever if you want to upload content, remove outdated content or simply do a bit of planning going forward.

One of the key benefits of the low-code, no-code digital transformation ongoing in the 21st century is in giving the ability to access and update websites built on the totally user-friendly WordPress platform.

2. Leveraging Hyper-automation

Although there is still a great deal of controversy over exactly what hyper-automation might mean for today’s workforce, the benefits to businesses are beyond what could ever have been imagined even a generation ago. Hyperautomation makes it possible through the use of technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning to quickly run analytics, assess outcomes, and then immediately implement necessary changes to redirect those predicted outcomes. 

One of the leading ways in which hyper-automation is benefitting today’s business environment is in terms of cyber security. There is no way a human could assess threats as quickly and accurately as the speed of data analysis inherent in AI, and this is why there is a great deal of hope in threat mitigation through hyper-automation of threat assessment. It’s amazing, isn’t it? Perhaps a future where we don’t need to worry about data breaches!

3. The Democratisation of Data

While this digital transformation is still in its relative infancy, there is great hope for a time when businesses of any size will have access to data that provides insight into such things as:-

  1. Customer Experience
  2. Customer Intent

In terms of marketing and forward-planning business strategies, how efficient would that be? Today, many businesses rely on a scientific approach to data analysis. Unless an in-house research team is available, today’s businesses rely on outsourcing the collection and analysis of pertinent data.

With advances in low-code, no-code applications, it is possible that in the very near future there will be user-friendly apps available where anyone can access and draw insight from data that will be made ‘public’ so that it can, indeed, be accessed by all.

These are all benefits of the digital transformation ongoing in early 2022. What will the future hold for small businesses? Two things come to mind. Among the many benefits of digital transformation would be exponentially improved efficiency and, of course, as a result, there would be a significant increase in profitability.

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