Microsoft Office 365 Personal Vs Business

Microsoft Office 365 Personal Vs Business | As well all know Microsoft is one of the leading companies in the world this is a product-based company that provides many products for our daily personal and business use. In our regular use, we use Word, Excel, and many more apps from Microsoft this has become a part of our daily activity. Microsoft renamed its name Microsoft 365 in April 2020 however initially it was Office 365. In 2013 Microsoft launched Office 365 as a suite that used to allow subscriptions called Office 365, this office provides many tools and apps like Teams, share point OneDrive, and many more which are adequate for business purposes.

In the initial days of Microsoft, it was like once we download the office throughout we had to use the same version but now there is an option to update. In this blog, we see the difference between Microsoft Office 365 for personal use and for business use other than these two there are many other plans also which we use. You can also backup Office 365 to the cloud with AI using

Below we will describe some of the included apps and their most important features:-

  1. Teams: It allows us to collaborate with colleagues and friends and share files and documents in a protected way.
  2. OneDrive: It allows storing documents that are accessible to you.
  3. SharePoint: It allows for storing documents that can be accessible across the organization.
  4. Outlook: It allows access the business emails and more.

Microsoft Office 365 Business Vs Personal

1) For using the Business office we need to use our official mail with our domain. Whereas for personal, there is no need for a domain we just need to subscribe through our mail id.
2) In the personal subscription, we have two plans:-

  • The Microsoft 365 family
  • The Microsoft 365 personal

In the Microsoft 365 family:-

  • This allows up to 6 persons to use the same subscription.
  • Give 6 terabytes of cloud storage which means one terabyte per person.
  • Also provides premium safety features in the mobile application.

In the Microsoft 365 personal:-

  • This is for only one person
  • And provides one terabyte of cloud storage.

Microsoft 365 Personal Vs Business Plans

The Microsoft 365 business gives four different plans whereas Microsoft 365 personal has only one plan. The four different plans under Microsoft 365 business are as follows:-

  • Basic
  • Standard
  • Premium
  • Apps

a) Microsoft 365 Business Basic Plan:- The basic plans allow us to edit or create documents online and also give access to OneDrive, teams, and SharePoint with a space of 1 terabyte. No downloading of apps is allowed in the basic plan editing and access should only be done online. The other features of basic are as follows:-

1. Provides anytime access on phone and web as well.
2. Has standard security
3. Allows accessing business-class emails.
4. Provides one terabyte of cloud storage.
5. Has web and mobile versions of Office apps
6. Allows calling, chatting, and meeting up to 300 attendees.

b) Microsoft 365 Business Standard Plan:- The standard plan provides all the features of the basic plan and gives access to all the tools like OneDrive, teams, SharePoint, and more. Along with this Standard also allows us to download files or apps. The features of the standard plan are as follows:-

1. Manages customer appointments
2. We can easily host webinars
3. Has attendee’s registration and reporting tools.
4. Provides desktop access for Office tools with premium features.

c) Microsoft 365 Business Premium Plan:- Coming to the Premium plan, also allows you to download files and apps and gives access to all the available tools, the only difference is this gives more protection and many more features like:-

1. Advanced security
2. Access and data control
3. Cyber threat protection.

d) Microsoft 365 Business App Plan:- Microsoft Apps plan for business provides more features when compared to other plans like:-

1. We can access it anytime on the phone or on the web.
2. It provides standard security
3. Has 1 Tera byte of cloud storage.
4. Provides the desktop version of Office apps with all the premium features.

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