MilesWeb’s Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting: All About and Reasons to Buy

MilesWeb’s Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting: All About and Reasons to Buy | The web hosting part is crucial when users develop websites and cannot be ignored. Many web hosting providers offer different hosting services like Shared, dedicated server Mumbai and others. New users who run low-traffic websites require fewer server resources, which makes them opt for shared hosting. You can also Get Hosting for Free Static Website. Also see:- Why to Buy the Best Dedicated Server in India from MilesWeb.

However, users cannot compromise on quality standards when they belong to business sectors. Their websites require ample resources to host high-traffic websites. Thus, the cheapest dedicated server is a perfect choice to consider. From a cost and performance point of view, dedicated servers will not let users face disappointment. Let us discuss its features and why users should purchase it. Keep reading the post. The cloud option is also available as a good alternative like 4GoodHosting.

Know All About the Cheap Dedicated Server

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According to the definition, dedicated server hosting is an enterprise-grade server that host website and applications of a single user. In this hosting, entire server resources are allocated to the single website owner. Thus, they help in hosting high-traffic, resource-intensive, and mission-critical websites and applications without delays.  

MilesWeb’s dedicated servers comprise Intel Xeon Processors, fast SSD storage, and other top-notch features like higher network speed. Hence, there are no performance issues if users host website applications on their servers.

The good part about connecting with this web hosting provider is users get customized plans according to their requirements. Also, they are affordable for users. Their plan starts at Rs. 6,999 per month. When you search for the same, you may also get results for “bare metal server.’ Remember that these both terms have the same meaning.

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In a nutshell, for a reliable web hosting environment, dedicated servers from MilesWeb are the perfect option. After all, you get an isolated hosting environment, prohibiting noisy neighbors from interrupting your hosting.

Why Businesses Want the Dedicated Server for Hosting?

If website owners have these objectives mentioned below, there is a requirement for a dedicated server.

  1. To Scale Resource-Intensive Website

Unlike individuals, businesses run resource-intensive websites to grow and earn a reputation for their brand. According to time, businesses require more server resources to host high-traffic websites to maintain their higher performance. If users do not want any performance issues in their websites, dedicated servers are good to go. 

MilesWeb’s dedicated servers have adequate resources to host volumes of websites and applications with maximum uptime. All their dedicated servers give the maximum uptime of 99.95%. Due to enough space on servers, website owners are not worried about scaling websites.

  1. Enhanced Security

Data security is an important parameter that website owners never ignore on the internet. In an online business, the safety parameter is the most concerning factor. After all, they deal with sensitive information important for website owners to secure. Because hackers and malicious attacks always target such sensitive information, users suffer huge losses! 

Servers are vulnerable to potential threats like hacking, viruses, and malware attacks in shared hosting. Anyone can breach the system. On the other hand, a dedicated server ensures that all sensitive information available on the server is secured with its multi-layer security system.

With MilesWeb’s dedicated hosting plans, websites are automatically encrypted with SSL certifications. Thereby, there is no room for hackers to decrypt the data transmitted between the server and browser. The good thing about this web hosting provider is they are not charging any additional cost for SSL encryption. It comes at zero cost with every dedicated web hosting plan.

  1. Get The Best Performance

MilesWeb’s dedicated servers give the best website performance as there are no server resources sharing among users. No SSDs, CPU cores, and RAM of dedicated servers are shared among different users. On the other hand, website owners who prefer shared hosting to host websites and applications face downtime issues. Shared hosting works when physical server resources are shared among multiple website owners.  

With their dedicated web hosting service, users can host unlimited domains and applications without compromising performance. MilesWeb gives adequate server space and resources to host multiple websites without hampering their performance. They have a global network of Tier 4 data centers giving 99.95% uptime. 

To Get Managed, or Unmanaged Dedicated Servers?

MilesWeb’s dedicated web hosting comes with unmanaged support by default. Their dedicated servers are superior and customers’ preferred because it contains a higher bandwidth capacity, latest hardware, ultra-fast network, and a first-class web hosting service. 

If users have an in-house technical team to manage a dedicated server, they can opt for unmanaged plans.

However, technical glitches are unexpected guests that may arrive anytime. Therefore, invest an additional amount to get MilesWeb’s managed support. The web hosting provider will assist you every time via live chat support or email.

Will I Get Dedicated Servers for Different Operating Systems?

Yes, MilesWeb offers dedicated servers for different operating systems. They extend services for Linux and Windows OS. Different types of Linux OS their servers support are:

  • Debian
  • Ubuntu
  • CentOS
  • Fedora

A Range of Control Panels

Managing databases, FTP accounts, domains, and other files on dedicated servers will not be challenging for users. MilesWeb offers integrated control panels with their dedicated hosting plans. They offer the following control panels.

  • cPanel
  • Webuzo
  • DirectAdmin

Final Thoughts: Should You Start your Hosting Journey with Dedicated Servers?

Dedicated servers are the need of the hour for hosting resource-intensive web projects. Many businesses worldwide use them to scale their business online. This kind of web hosting is a safe, secured, and reliable option for web admins looking for an isolated hosting environment. However, you need the correct web hosting provider to get appropriate plans.

MilesWeb is the leading web hosting provider offering top-notch dedicated hosting plans at a low cost. They tick all required parameters such as security, higher performance, and quality hosting services at affordable prices. They meet all security standards and all their dedicated servers include advanced processors and CPU cores and prevent noisy neighbors from interrupting the data transmission on servers. They instantly deploy servers without charging any cost to users. Hence, getting their dedicated servers onboard becomes a viable option.

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