Why to Buy the Best Dedicated Server in India from MilesWeb

Why to Buy the Best Dedicated Server in India from MilesWeb | No matter what kind of business you are running, if you deal with websites and applications, then alright! You will need a web hosting service on which you can depend. Also see:- MilesWeb’s Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting

Say, if you have a resource-heavy website or application, you will need a high-performance hosting solution. A Dedicated server is an excellent option for hosting your heavy-resource website or application. Undoubtedly, you will be dealing with a plethora of web projects, so will you be able to afford loopholes in your server? Well, most of you answer no because your website/application getting trapped in attacks is not good.

In this article, I have made your job easy. Here, I would recommend you to one of the best cPanel dedicated server providers, MilesWeb. Also, we will focus on the 5 reasons to get a dedicated server from them. 

Do not go on our words! Let us explore a few of the essential reasons to buy the best solution from the company. Read on. However, dedicated hosting is the most expensive hosting solution. If you are on a limited budget, you might want to consider cheap hosting, at least at the beginning.

5 Reasons To Choose Dedicated hosting from MilesWeb

1. Optimal Performance

Dedicated servers from MilesWeb perform excellently as the resources are dedicated entirely to your website or application. There is no sharing of resources. Hence, when your objective is to make your applications or websites perform faster, MilesWeb’s dedicated hosting solutions work efficiently. They also contain high-speed connectivity and massive storage to host web applications. 

So, if you want to get higher organic traffic on your websites is not a big hurdle for you. Get increased SEO ranks with high-performance dedicated server web hosting solutions. 

2. Enhanced Security

In an online business, you cannot afford any kind of loopholes in your web projects. If you are also belonging to an eCommerce domain or a Fintech company, you have to deal with loads of sensitive data of users. Furthermore, you need to protect web applications from external threats becomes an utmost priority of your business. Hence, MilesWeb offers a free SSL certification for applications making their all data secure to access. 

All because digital resources are shared with multiple users. No worries, this case will not occur in the dedicated server. MilesWeb’s dedicated server hosting solution is entirely deployed for your business. Advanced configuration and security updates with no performance issues are what your company gets.

3. Wide Range of Plans

MilesWeb offers you different dedicated server plans according to your requirements. You can choose the plan that best meets your web hosting needs. 

Out of 20 dedicated server plans, customers can choose any plan and host web projects in no time. The basic plan E5-2609 2.4GHz starts will cost you Rs.6,999 per month. It has the configuration of  8 GB RAM, four cores,  480 GB SSD, 1 TB Bandwidth, and 1 IPv4 address.

The maximum cost plan Platinum 8163 2.5GHz comprises 24 cores. It includes 256 GB of RAM, 2 TB SSD, 5 TB Bandwidth, and 1 IPv4 address that comes at a cost of Rs. 48,000. As you upgrade your plan, the dedicated server resources also scale up. Hence, they are a leading web hosting service provider for different industry segments providing them with affordable plans.

4. Quicker Page Load Times

The fast load time of the website is the dream of every client or customer. According to statistics, we can conclude that websites taking more than three or four seconds disengage visitors from spending more time on websites. Remember, if your websites or applications are having the same issue, it will affect your website’s performance and negatively impact your brand credibility

To retain visitors to your website, you need to boost the page load time. Yes! You can easily achieve the target with dedicated servers from MilesWeb. They provide you with dedicated servers with advanced specifications that will boost the performance of your website to gain higher traffic. In this manner, you will get higher visibility in the Search Engine Rankings. 

5. Higher Bandwidth

As far as bandwidth is concerned, the leading web hosting company ensures all your software applications and website runs smoothly on their dedicated servers. The more efficiently you give your service, you will be able to captivate more users. 

You can easily enjoy a higher bandwidth network for a hassle-free UI and UX and spike the organic traffic on your website. You will get to host your websites with the range of 1 TB Bandwidth to 5 TB Bandwidth. 

For WordPress Hosting you can check justwp.io. There you can get free domain name, SSL, & unlimited email addresses.

Final Words

When you have a website or application that demands more resources, MilesWeb’s dedicated server is a good option. They offer the best features with their dedicated server plans at affordable prices. Hence, get started with MilesWeb’s dedicated server today! 

They are highly secured and give you complete access to configure your web projects without external interference. From the users’ perceptive, you get full control with no security threats at a low price. Hence, choose the best web hosting service for your business today!

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