Rent a Car with Debit Card

Rent a car with debit card | A car rental, hire car, or car hire agency is a company that rents automobiles for short periods of time to the public, generally ranging from a few hours to a few weeks. The global car rental industry is booming with more than $124.56 billion in 2022. Even today, the process isn’t much different. However, you can now use apps to locate car rental places and many companies have apps that help expedite the process.

A car rental app is basically a marketplace in the sharing economy, a website, an app where individuals can list their cars when they don’t need them to make some extra cash. With the travel and tourism industry growing digitally, online car rental apps and services are also expanding.

Car rental apps show up all the information you need about the car rental companies. Simply download these car rental apps on your Android smartphone or Apple smartphone and make either your business or leisure trip a cherished memory for life.

Finding the car rental apps for your travel is now good and easier! Compare prices, reviews, features, and get a free consultation to find the perfect car rental app. Here are some top car rental apps that will be your travel friends in need and deed.

Rent a car with debit card

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

(iOS – Free, Android – Free)

Enterprise Rent-A-Car is an American car rental agency headquartered in Clayton, Missouri, in Greater St. Louis. You can check out what cars Enterprise has available at the locations near you. You can also schedule a reservation, manage your account, and manage your rentals. 

You can make, view, and modify reservations, get directions to rental branches, call roadside assistance, and hire a car for the next trip from more than 7,800 locations around the world. Enterprise does have international support. 

It also began expanding its operations to include the airport market, and now serves airports in the United States, Canada, the UK, Spain, Germany, Ireland, and Europe. You can use it pretty much anywhere they have a location. The app is free to download. As you may imagine, rentals will cost money.

Features of Enterprise Rent-A-Car App: Finding car rental locations near you, Allows everyone to narrow their search, Option to favorite a frequently visited location, 24/7 road assistance,  consumer support service, Pay in advance through the “Pay Now” feature, Earn and redeem points for free rental days.

Renting a car with a Debit Card

Debit/Check cards are considered to be any non-credit card bearing the VISA, Mastercard®, or Discover logo. Pre-paid cards or any other non-credit card without one of these logos is not accepted. (Discover not accepted in Canada.)

At airport locations, debit card deposits are only accepted at the time of rental if accompanied by a ticketed return travel itinerary. The name and address shown on the renter’s driver’s license must match their current home address. Active duty military personnel are exempt from address requirements. Other than the renter’s spouse or domestic partner, no other additional drivers are allowed. 

At the time of rental, charges will be placed on the debit card which reduces the available funds in the account associated with the card used. Renter is responsible for any overdraft fees incurred. Disembarking passengers will be asked to provide a credit card or debit card with funds to cover the cost of the rental. Renters without a ticketed return travel itinerary will need to provide a credit card with sufficient funds to cover the cost of the rental plus an additional amount between $200 to $400 based on the rental location.

Renting a car with a Gift Card

Enterprise accepts prepaid gift cards with a Visa, Mastercard®, or Amex symbol as a form of payment at the end of a rental. We do not accept gift cards to secure a rental*. Payment is never required when making a reservation.

Enterprise does not issue gift cards and will never ask you for a credit card or other payment information over the phone. For more information, visit pre-paid gift card alert page link

Renting a Car with Cash

For security reasons, many Enterprise branches do not accept cash payments. However, some branches may accept cash or money order at the end of the rental for final payment. Check below to see if this may apply to your specific situation. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Hertz – Car Rental

(iOS – Free, Android – Free)

The Hertz Car collection features your classic compact and full-size sedan rental cars. The Hertz Corporation, a subsidiary of Hertz Global Holdings, Inc., is an American car rental company based in Estero, Florida, that operates approximately 12,000 corporate and franchisee locations, both domestically and internationally. It is one of the biggest car rental companies in the world and the second biggest in America.

Hertz offers renters a variety of cars suitable for any budget and occasion. When you rent a compact or economy car with Hertz, you can expect anything from a Nissan Versa, Toyota Corolla, Chevrolet Impala, or a similar vehicle. It is also renowned for its excellent customer support and innovation, as it was the first to offer the possibility of returning the car to a different location.

This is your go-to collection for everyday budget-friendly and quality car rentals. Whether you’re trying to road trip on a budget or traveling for work, Hertz compact and economy car rentals will get you to where you need to be. Make a reservation and pick up your economy car rental at any convenient location nationwide, including airport locations today.

Features of Hertz App: Faster booking and check-in options, Look at his upcoming reservation details, Variety of cars suitable for any budget and occasion, It allows accessibility of receipts for expense tracking, Excellent customer support, and innovation, Search parking slots, Social media channel sign up like Facebook.

Forms of Payment

You must pay Hertz for all charges with a credit, Visa/Mastercard debit, or charge card that is accepted at the pickup location (Card) or by cash.

You also authorize Hertz to reserve credit or obtain authorization on the Card for the amount and the expected cost of the rental plus a security bond or other such amount advised at the time of reservation.

Hertz will only accept a cash deposit in certain circumstances (eg. insurance booking). If you provide a cash deposit, Hertz may not have sufficient cash at the return location to reimburse you in full. A cheque will be sent within 14 business days of the return of the vehicle to the address on the Rental Agreement.

You authorize Hertz to charge the card that you provided to pay the rental charges or for the security bond, with any amount that you owe Hertz under the Agreement up to 60 days after the vehicle has been returned. If the Card is not in your name, you guarantee that Hertz has the authority to charge the Card under the Agreement.

Regardless of the payment method, a valid credit card with sufficient credit is required to secure the rental at the time of pickup.

We typically reserve an amount on your credit card (or make a deposit) at least equal to the estimated charges plus a security bond (amount is shown on your Rental Agreement). This may be released (or refunded) on return of the vehicle following payment of the rental charges.

For a further explanation on the Rental Agreement charges, discuss with the location staff at the time of pick-up or check online before traveling at Your Invoice Explained.

Commercial Vehicles

Credit Card deposits are based on the estimated cost of the rental plus a bond.
For commercial rentals in Melbourne, the bond is AUD $400 including GST.
For commercial rentals in Sydney, the bond is AUD $550 including GST.

First Time Renters

If you are a first-time renter paying with a debit or credit card, live in the city of rental and your booking is not associated with a corporate account or insurance replacement rental, additional identification and payment requirements will apply to your rental. In such cases, renters will be required to provide a debit/credit card in the name of the renter and also current proof of address. Renters will also be charged a bond of either $500 (passenger and commercial vehicles) or $1,000 (prestige and adrenalin vehicles).

Turo – Better Than Car Rental

(iOS – Free, Android – Free)

Turo is the most popular peer-to-peer car-sharing service. It is basically a marketplace in the sharing economy, a website, an app where individuals can list their cars when they don’t need them to make some extra cash. It provides convenience to the local car owner throughout the USA, Canada, New York Times, UK, and Germany, and many more in Europe. Turo services also are known as part of Airbnb for cars. Moreover, you can choose any type of vehicles such as Car, Van, Jeep, VM bus, Tesla, and Truck.

In order to rent through Turo, you’ll need to submit a copy of your driver’s license to have on file and you’ll need proof of auto insurance. Turo provides insurance up to 1 million. Booking a car is incredibly easy and takes just a few clicks. When you confirm the car, you will already have access to it – the whole process can only take a few minutes. Turo only offers daily rentals; minute and hourly rates are not available. 

Since it is set by the owner, mileage limitations can range from as little as 100 miles a day to unlimited miles. The normal amount is 200 miles per day, and if you want more you have the option to pay additional for it.

Features of Turo App: Booking cars directly from the local hosts, Over 400,000 cars listed worldwide, Go remote technology for local owners to earn more from the car-sharing marketplace, Get your car delivered and book rental card on the go with just a tap, AI chatbot integration for better communication, Safe access through varied contactless check-in options, The host can manage the vehicle

Start $20 for older and smaller vehicles
Top $100 for premium modes

Payment methods we accept

  • Most credit cards issued by major financial institutions. These can include American Express and Discover cards.
  • Debit cards with a Visa or Mastercard logo that are linked to a checking account. These include debit cards from online banks, such as Chime, Ally, and others.
  • Revolut card
  • Apple Pay on mobile devices in all locations and Google Pay on mobile devices in Canada and the US 

Payment methods don’t accept

  • Cash
  • Checks
  • Prepaid cards (with the exception of Revolut)
  • Reloadable debit cards (like Simple, Chase Liquid, or EDD debit cards)
  • Temporary bank cards
  • Cards that aren’t linked to a bank account 
  • Payment methods not in your name. This includes credit cards that are not in your name. Whatever the payment method, it must match the primary guest’s name.


(iOS – Free, Android – Free)

One of the easiest car rental systems is Zipcar that allows you to hire a rental car. It is an American car-sharing company and it comes with multilingual features so you can understand this online car rental software accordingly. 

How Zipcar Works

  • Pick a plan: Select the membership plan that’s best for you to get started. 
  • Join in minutes: Apply online with a valid driver’s license. Most people are approved instantly and can book a trip within minutes.
  • Drive on demand: Book a round trip car by the hour or day. Use an app to unlock and lock during your trip. Zipcar also sends you a Zipcard.
  • Return: When you’re done, park the car in the same location you picked it up from, then end the trip with the app.

Features of Zipcar App: Finding car rental locations near you, Multi-Language, Extend or Change the car service on the go, Unlock the car with the in-app unlocking feature.

The fare rates start at $9 per hour for ZipCar members.

Payment methods we accept

The accepted forms of payment in the US are either credit cards or debit cards. In Canada, Zipcar accepts credit cards and only debit Visa cards. Please note that we do not accept prepaid cards.

Some Other Car Rental app accept Debit card

  • Alamo
  • Autoeurope
  • Availcarsharing
  • Avis
  • Budget
  • Dollar
  • National
  • Sixt
  • Thrifty
  • Europcar

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