Best Plumbing Estimating Software in 2021

Best plumbing estimating software | Why plumbers need Plumbing estimating software? Plumbing estimating is an important step in a plumbing project. In order to accurately gauge the cost of a construction project, contractors must create detailed cost estimates, schedules, and construction plans. It is a complex, and curial part of the project which should be done very efficiently.

Construction estimating, also called construction cost estimating or simply estimating, is the process of identifying the approximate, yet detailed, costs associated with a construction project. There are many software solutions are available to perform this task.

Estimating for plumbing installation requires contractors to know takeoff counts for fixtures and fittings, as well as the linear measurements of CPVC, drainage, and supply piping. Estimating software for plumbers should include pricing databases for plumbing parts and predefined plumbing assemblies.

Plumbing estimating or takeoff software provides a platform for trade contractors to complete their takeoffs and estimates online – more accurately and in much less time than traditional, paper-based methods. Estimators simply upload their plans (or create plans on screen) and use the software’s digital tools to measure and mark lengths, areas, and quantities online. The software can then generate precise materials lists and even estimates for tenders small or large in just a few clicks, saving time and minimizing waste.

In this guide, we will cover the software products that plumbers can use to make quick and accurate cost estimates for their plumbing projects. Given software specially built for the plumbers.


Stack Plumbing Service Software
  • Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based
  • Desktop:- Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Basic Pricing:- $1,999 per year

STACK Estimating  is a cloud-based on-screen takeoff and estimating tool for professional contractors of all business sizes and all trades. It is flexible, fast, and accurate estimating for plumbing contractors. STACK empowers your team to quickly and accurately measure digital plans, quantify materials and collaborate with key project stakeholders.

STACK was developed by contractors for contractors – general and subcontractors included. With a variety of pre-built items & assemblies for almost all trades, getting started couldn’t be simpler!

STACK Pricing

It doesn’t provide a free trial, but it has a free version. In the free version you can get:- 7 Days/Project, 10 Takeoffs/Project, 2 Concurrent Projects.

  1. Start:- (great for single estimators) – $1,999 per year. It offers- 1 Full Access User, 2 View-Only Users, Unlimited Projects.
  2. Grow:- (perfect for precon teams) – $4,999 per year. It offers:- 3 Full Access Users, 6 View-Only Users, Unlimited Projects.
  3. Build:- (customize for your crew). It offers:- 4+ Full Access Users, 7+ View-Only Users, Unlimited Projects.

The API access is only available in Build pricing and it will be priced Separately. The API subscription options are- BRONZE – $9,999 per year, SILVER – $19,999 per year, and GOLD.

STACK Features

The features are independent of the pricing plan. All features are available for all Start, Grow, and Build plans. The important features as a Plumbing Estimating Software are as follows:-

Cost Estimating:- Pre-built Trade-Specific Materials Databases, Pre-built Trade-Specific Assembly Libraries, Customizable Estimate and Price Database, Custom Assembly Formula Editor, Cost Code Management, Material & Labor Estimates, Unit Cost Estimates, Markup, Profit & Overhead Management

Quantity & Material Takeoff:- Unlimited Measurements, Area Linear Count Tools, Pitched, Volume & Surface Tools, Location & Phase Grouping, Takeoff Template, Library, Smart Legend, Symbol Recognition & Autocount


  • Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based
  • Desktop:- Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Mobile:- Android, iPhone, iPad
  • Basic Pricing:- $49 per month ($29 per month for Annual Plan)

Jobber  is a cloud-based field service management software solution that allows small and midsize service businesses to manage field staff, provide customer support, and expand business operations either through a mobile app or a desktop dashboard. It keeps your plumbing jobs on track and your customers informed.

It provides integrated CRM, real-time scheduling and dispatching, expense tracking, invoice creation and billing, online booking, a self-service client hub, quoting, client reminders, automatic emails and many more. 

Jobber is one of the best plumbing estimating software. Using this you can get your estimators on the ground and close jobs faster. It is mainly used as estimating and dispatching software in plumbing businesses.

  • Receive work requests online or by phone and schedule an estimate.
  • Build quotes and estimates in the field.
  • Keep track of quote history.
  • Easily send automated follow-up emails or text messages so you win more work with less effort.
  • Let clients approve and request changes to quotes in your client hub.

Jobber Pricing

Jobber offers 3 plans with different available features and numbers of users per plan. It also has a free trial option.

  • CORE:- (for 1 user) – $29 per month for Annual Plan Or $49 per month for Monthly Plan.
  • CONNECT:- (Up to 7 users) – $99 per month for Annual Plan Or $139 per month for Monthly Plan.
  • GROW:- (Up to 30 users) – $199 per month for Annual Plan Or $279 per month for Monthly Plan. Additional users $19 per month.


Esticom - plumbing estimating software

Esticom is a cloud-based takeoff and plumbing estimating software purpose-built for plumbing contractors to improve estimating speed and accuracy in a powerful, user-friendly, all-in-one plumbing and mechanical estimating system.

It can save time with it’s integrated plumbing estimating software, meaning no need for excel or third party integrations. As you perform a takeoff, your counts and measurement quantities automatically flow to it’s built-in estimating system.

With Esticom, you simply upload your plans, perform a quantity takeoff, adjust quantities, material prices, labor units, and adjust overhead and profit margin to create customer facing quotes that gives your plumbing business a professional appearance.

Pricing for Esticom Plumbing Estimating Software

  • Free trial:- for 14 days
  • ESTIMATOR:- $139 per user/per month
  • SALES:- $30 per user/per month


PlanSwift Plumbing Estimating Software is one of the fastest and easiest takeoff software available. With PlanSwift you can quickly determine material quantities before you make the trip to the store or place your order with the supplier. When precision counts, PlanSwift provides the answers. This makes it a lot cheaper, faster, easier, and more environmentally friendly.

Since you use the original plans to calculate your work, you get precise material estimates and know exactly how much pipe you’ll need. Count the fittings needed right on the plan while PlanSwift adds each counted item to the material list, and on the job site, you can use the PlanSwift overlay as an installation guide. You can even download the portions of the plans you need to your iPhone.

Main Features of PlanSwift Plumbing Estimating Software:-

  • Swiftly measure linear feet for CPVC, drain and supply piping.
  • Get accurate instant takeoff counts for fixtures and fittings with point and click ease.
  • PlanSwift calculates everything for a precise estimate every time.
  • Save time, avoid costly errors and maximize profits with PlanSwift

Pricing of of PlanSwift Plumbing Estimating Software

PlanSwift Professional for $1595, Includes support and updates to the software for the first year. After that the Updates & Support program is optional and costs $300 /license /year. Add-on modules/Plugins are not included.



Groundplan plumbing estimating software operates completely and securely in the cloud, so you can complete your takeoff estimate from an internet browser on any desktop or mobile device. Using it you can stop wasting your time on manual takeoffs and let Groundplan do the measuring, counting, and more for you.

As soon as your plumbing takeoff is complete, Groundplan can conveniently quantify material and labour costs and provide a bill of quantities, saving you hours of estimating time.

Features of GroundPlan

  • Count tool for counting individual items like joins and bends
  • Length tool for measuring all sizes of pipe work and trenches
  • Area tool for measuring square meterage
  • Plan revisions
  • Project calendar
  • Cloud technology for live sharing
  • Task management
  • Designed for residential and commercial takeoff

Pricing:- $68/month per seat or $690/year per seat.


FastEST - plumbing estimating software

FastEST estimating and takeoff software is a complete cost-estimating solution for Plumbing & Mechanical, HVAC & VRF Systems, Medical Gas Piping, Industrial Process Piping, Sheetmetal & Ductwork, and Mechanical Insulation. Whether you are estimating plumbing, HVAC piping, or industrial process piping, FastPIPE provides all of the takeoff and reporting tools needed to create an accurate and timely quote.

Pricing for FastEST


  • Purchase ($4,995):- first year of maintenance, online training and support, installation assistance, material pricing updates, FastPIPE and FastDUCT combo: $7,490
  • Lease ($225/month):- maintenance included, online training and support, installation assistance, material pricing updates, non-binding, FastPIPE and FastDUCT combo: $318/mo

Maintenance price for first system after first year:- $1,100/yr

Additional System,

  • Purchase:- $2,495
  • Lease:- $93/mo

Maintenance price for Additional System after first year:- $200/yr


Buildertrend is a construction management system for builders, remodelers, special contractors, and general contractors. It combines project planning, project management, financial management, customer management, and service management in a single suite. As a cloud-based platform, this system can be accessed online by computer or mobile device. It’s easy to build estimates, deliver customized proposals and close more sales.

In pre-sales process it has features for:-

  • Bid Requests
  • Estimates and Proposals
  • Leads / CRM
  • Email Marketing
  • Integrations and partnerships


  • Core ($99/mo) – Scheduling, Daily Logs, To-Do’s, Messaging, Client Portal.
  • Pro ($299/mo):- All features of Core + Warranties, Surveys, Bids, Change Orders.

McCormick Estimating Software

McCormick has a construction estimating and project management software solution for specialty contractors in all aspects of the Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical Piping, Transmission & Distribution, and Low Voltage (Automated Building Systems) markets.

Its plumbing and mechanical estimating programs include over 40,000 items and over 20,000 pre-built assemblies. The software has the ability to update pricing from major pricing services including Trade Service, Harrison Publishing and for Canadian customers, AllPriser.

All programs also have the ability to update from supply houses using a simple excel file! The data base will include bid labor units based on a national average, Change Order labor units, and the option to add MCAA or PHCC Units.

With the advanced audit trail and edit extension, it allows you to make changes on the fly instantly. Using McCormick’s Menus and multiple Workspace pages puts all of the parts and Assemblies at your fingertips. The patented multiple windows and ease of creating Assemblies makes estimating a breeze, and moves you considerably ahead of the competition.

Pricing: Custom Pricing


Commusoft is a cloud-based workforce management solution for field service companies of all sizes including plumbers. It speeds up the entire estimate process. It provides a workflow that takes you through the estimated from start to finish, giving you a spot to put in all the needed information.

On top of that, it allow you to easily send these professional quotes straight to customers by email. There, customers can accept and pay their deposit. Its system tracks when an estimate has been accepted so you can stay on top of that with little effort on your end.

Without quote templates, you’ll find yourself manually rewriting what you’ve already said in a previous quote. Alternatively, its quoting software allows you to create professional estimate templates through the web app. Your staff can use these templates across desktop and mobile devices, both in the office and in the field, so anyone can create quotes in moments.

Key functionalities of Commusoft’s quoting software:-

  • Easily generate estimates
  • Offer multiple options
  • Attach files and add parts
  • Online quoting portal
  • On-site mobile quotes
  • Vendor price requests

Pricing of Commusoft:-

  • ALL-IN-ONE ($59/month per license, min. 2 licenses):- It is for teams looking to manage all business processes in one digital place.
  • CUSTOMER JOURNEY ($75/month per license, min. 2 licenses):- It is for larger businesses that want to elevate their customer journeys.
  • FIELD AUTOMATION ($129/month per license, 75+ employees):- It is for organizations seeking full automation and enhanced security.

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