Top 5 Best Call Centre Workforce Management Software

Top 5 Best Call Centre Workforce Management Software to Enhance Your Team’s Productivity | A call center’s ability to function depends on efficiency. The use of call center workforce management software is another simple method for increasing call center productivity.

A workforce management program can assist you in allocating the appropriate agents to the appropriate seats at the appropriate times. It can also help with precise workforce analysis, call volume projections, and real-time personnel modifications.

Do you have any questions about the ideal software for your call center? Be at ease. We’ve already prepared the groundwork.

In this post, we’ll examine the top 5 call center workforce management software programs, as well as their salient characteristics, costs, and user reviews. We’ll also go over the main advantages of employing workforce management software. Also see:- Top 3 Call Centre CRM Software to Streamline Your Calling Productivity

What is Call Centre Workforce Management Software?

Call center workforce management software is a term for software solutions specifically designed for contact center operations, and backend procedures that link customers with the appropriate agents at the appropriate time and location, leading to outstanding customer interaction.

A call center workforce management technique is one that contact centers employ to handle client interactions quickly and affordably. Call centers can streamline their workforce management by using a statistic called “service level” to set goals that specify how quickly they respond to and handle client complaints. Based on targeted cost-effectiveness and customer experience requirements, a call center is permitted to establish its service level.

Benefits of Call Centre Workforce Management Software

1. Track progress on key metrics
The appropriate agents can be assigned to particular inbound calls using skills-based routing and forecasting in some WFM solutions.

This can enhance customer experience by resolving issues more quickly. It also improves the effectiveness of your operations. And since your call center is powered by the WFM system, you can simply track these changes in terms of your financial KPI and other important metrics.

2. Better employee engagement options
Utilizing desktop and mobile apps, workforce management software enables you to monitor employee working hours.

In this manner, you can tell who is working too much and who is capable of handling a heavier job, etc. The agents can then be guaranteed adequate work breaks, time off, chances to transfer shifts, etc.

It not only avoids employee burnout but also keeps workers inspired to go above and beyond their job descriptions and give customers a better experience.

3. Lower Labor Costs
Some workforce management technologies are capable of predicting how many calls a center will field in a given month. Based on the data, you can reassign agents to balance out customer requests and available agents. By avoiding overstaffing, you can save money on salaries and lower operational costs.

4. Get rid of payroll mistakes
A workforce management system can be used to speed up the payroll procedure. The best software will precisely track agents’ working hours and enable you to automatically create payroll.

It is especially helpful when figuring up billable hours because it considerably reduces manual effort while avoiding mistakes or disagreements caused by people.

Top 5 Call Centre Workforce Management Software

1. Alvaria

Alvaria is a workforce management tool that can help your call center run more effectively.

It can be used to reduce staffing expenses, manage employee levels, and raise the level of service at your call center. Easy personnel scheduling is also made possible by this workforce management system for voice, chat, email, and other customer engagement channels.

Key Features of Alvaria Contact Center Workforce Management Software:-

  • Supports accurate forecasting, tracking, and agent scheduling.
  • Provides estimates of staff requirements across skill levels and channels.
  • Offers advanced networking capabilities for centers that have contacts across sites.
  • The self-service portal lets employees enter their scheduling preferences, request time off, trade shifts, view agent schedules, etc.

Pricing:- Pricing for this workforce management software is available on request.

2. NICE CXone

The workforce management tool NICE CXone has an AI-based omnichannel forecasting engine. Establishing various channels of communication between companies and their customers, it can assist call centers in raising customer satisfaction levels.

By spotting intraday gaps, managing schedule change procedures, and customizing self-scheduling, this call center system also promotes employee engagement.

Key Features of NICE CXone Contact Center Workforce Management Software:-

  • Uses the AI Best Pick™ technology for forecasting and scheduling.
  • Offers options for trade requests and shift bidding.
  • Supports automated workflows and intraday re-forecasting.
  • Gives access to mobile self-scheduling.

Pricing:- You can contact sales for the pricing of this WFM solution.

3. Genesys Multicloud CX

Artificial intelligence is used by Genesys Multicloud CX, a workforce management tool, to forecast and plan flexible work schedules.

An automatic routing system built into the software makes it simple to assign the appropriate agent to the appropriate customer. This streamlines task distribution while enhancing the client experience.

Key Features of Genesys Multicloud CX Contact Center Workforce Management Software:-

  • Offers AI-based forecasting and scheduling.
  • Integrates gamification to help employees meet service-level objectives with ease.
  • Supports smartphone compatibility for agents to schedule, submit, and manage time-offs.
  • Offers call recording and speech analytics to recognize workforce training opportunities.

Pricing:- Pricing plans for this workforce management tool start at $75 per user per month.

4. TalkDesk

Talkdesk is a cloud-based workforce optimization tool with an easy-to-use interface. It helps you make AI-based staffing and scheduling decisions for better agent engagement.

This WFM software can also help improve customer experience by offering interactive voice response (IVR), skill-set-based routing, and automatic call distribution (ACD).

Key Features of TalkDesk Contact Center Workforce Management Software:-

  • Serves as a workforce analyst by offering data-based forecasts.
  • Offers automated, skills-based scheduling to meet staffing needs.
  • Offers customizable dashboards to compare key metrics and visualize agent performance.
  • Integrates a chatbot to process change requests quickly.

Pricing:- Pricing plans for this WFM solution start at $65 per user per month.

5. 8X8

A cloud-based WFM system called 8X8 Contact Center makes it simple to collaborate with agents, staff members, and customers. This workforce management application for contact centers provides cutting-edge analytics and connection with key CRM systems.

Key Features of 8X8 Contact Center Workforce Management Software:-

  • Enables omnichannel routing based on agent skills.
  • Provides forecasts to manage intraday staffing and creates automated schedules based on arrival patterns.
  • Speech analytics provide valuable data on each client interaction.
  • Customizable dashboards help monitor and track schedule adherence.

Pricing:- Its paid plans start at $125/user per month.

Wrapping It Up

When it comes to call centers, the ability to respond quickly to incoming inquiries can make all the difference.

It can be used to optimize the workforce, improve agent engagement, expedite procedures, and produce reliable reports. The same platforms can be used by call center employees to monitor their productive work hours, self-schedule, get feedback, or seek time off.

So why wait? Try out one of these call center WFM software tools to make sure the workforce management in your call center is carried out as effectively as possible.

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