Top 3 Best Call Centre Apps

Top 3 Best Call Centre Apps to Choose that Boosts your Call Centre Productivity | The management of a call center is not simple. You require all the assistance you can get in order to meet your KPI targets, keep operating expenses low, and recruit and retain top sales representatives.

You need call center software, of course, to assist in managing everything. By automating processes like call routing, queue management, and reporting, this software allows you to devote more of your time to mentoring and other worthwhile pursuits.

But while you’re not at your desk, who wants (or can afford) to be cut off from the outside world?

What if I told you that you could run your call center while squeezing through the grocery store checkout line? Nobody enjoys being tethered to their desk, but thanks to call center apps, you don’t need to be.

We looked for three call center software alternatives with native mobile apps that make it simple to operate your call center on the move to help you stay productive from anywhere. Also see:- Top 3 Call Centre CRM Software to Streamline Your Calling Productivity

What is a Call Centre app?

Every type of communication, including emails and chat messages, is brought into the command center by the customer service application. The customer support team can remain managed and organized with the aid of this application. Users can use it to organize tickets or allocate them to certain agents. Customer service software comes with a variety of features, such as forums, knowledge bases, live chat, and mobile support. Your mobile app can include a help button, and users can contact mobile support to get assistance.

One type of customer service application is the call center application, which gives users access to call center support over the phone. It improves the effectiveness of the customer support team and customer happiness.

Top 3 Call Centre Apps to Get Started

1) Bright Pattern

Bright Pattern is appropriate for businesses with ten to one thousand employees and provides native apps for iPhone and Android. Bright Pattern also manages email, live chat, and SMS communications in addition to voice and video conversations. LINE, Viber, Telegram, and Messenger are just a few of the messaging apps it works with.

Price: The first month’s payment for Bright Pattern is $70.

What Clients Think About Bright Pattern Call Centre App:

Bright Pattern’s support has received positive feedback from Capterra reviews, who called it efficient and easy to work with. Additionally, users praised the software for its dependability and bug-free user interface.

Some users complained that the training wasn’t sufficiently tailored to their needs and that it gave overviews of features they weren’t going to use. The system’s reporting received mixed reviews; the dashboard received few compliments, and users disagreed on how simple it is to get desired reports.

The bottom line: Bright Pattern is a fantastic solution with strong support and dependability for call centers that wish to be truly omnichannel.

2) Genesys PureCloud

Genesys PureCloud is appropriate for businesses of all sizes, from a one-person operation up to the enterprise level, and provides native apps for iOS and Android. Live chat, phone, and video calls are all handled by Genesys PureCloud.

Price: The starting pricing for Genesys PureCloud is $99.99 per user, per month.

What Clients Think About Genesys PureCloud Call Centre App:

Genesys PureCloud is simple to use, manage, and configure, according to Capterra reviewers. Many customers praised its sleek training, onboarding, and deployment procedures as well as its contemporary dashboard and user interface. Reviewers enjoy that users may establish call workflows using the IVR configuration options without relying on Genesys PureCloud support. Users also mentioned how the system gets better after each upgrade.

On the other hand, some users pointed out that the system can be glitchy and that you couldn’t make calls via the mobile app. Some reviewers complained that the vendor’s customer service often takes a while to answer questions or handle problems.

The system’s reporting capabilities were the second mentioned problem. You must manually download reports, and because there are only a few types of out-of-the-box reports, you frequently must perform manual data mining to find the insights you need.

The bottom line: Genesys PureCloud is a fantastic alternative that only keeps getting better if you require a help desk solution but lack the time to devote to setup, customization, and onboarding.

3) VCC Live

VCC Live is appropriate for companies with anywhere between 10 and one thousand agents, and it features a native iOS app. Support via phone, chat, and email is handled by the software.

Price: Starting at $55 per user, per month, VCC Live is priced.

What Clients Think About VCC Live Call Centre App:

Capterra reviewers laud how simple it is for agents to utilize VCC Live from any location and note that the inbuilt browser speeds up the integration of ERP and CRM systems. Users gushed over the system’s usability, calling it straightforward, user-friendly, and simple to set up for supervisors, administrators, and agents.

Reviewers also adore the vendor’s support staff, calling them helpful, courteous, and quick to respond. The software’s dependability was praised by users, who cited little downtime and few issues. Customers also appreciate how the system is continually being improved upon by developers, who frequently add new features in response to customer requests.

Users praised the reporting tools as well, stating that there are several reporting options, effective real-time monitoring and that reports are simple to extract.

Users were less enthusiastic about the system’s email management, complaining that the module is overly complex and that the procedure is rigid.

The bottom line: VCC Live is the way to go if you have a remote workforce and want an intuitive system with top-notch customer support and fantastic reporting.


The call centre app allows your calling team to stay connected while they are moving. It’s all above managing the outbound and inbound calls on the go. These 3 apps listed above can help them to use the call center functionalities within their smartphone and stay available all the time for the most important calls coming in.

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