JavaScript Round to 2 Decimal Places

Javascript Round to 2 Decimal Places | We will learn how to round to 2 decimal places in JavaScript in this article. Four distinct ways in JavaScript can be used to round a number to a maximum of 2 decimal places. Let us have a look at some examples to understand the topic a little better.

Example 1:
Number = 123.34345
The number after rounding to two decimal places = 123.34

Example 2: 
Number = 84.98340
The number after rounding to two decimal places = 84.98

JavaScript Round to 2 Decimal Places Using toFixed()

We use the toFixed() function on the number and give the parameter as the number of digits after the decimal. The Number.toFixed() method accepts an integer as input and provides a string representation of the number.

The total number ranges from 0 to 20. In some circumstances, this procedure does not produce reliable findings, and there are good alternatives. When a number rounds to 1.5, the result is 1.50. If you enter a number like 6.006, it will display 6.000 rather than 6.01.

let num = 47.568349;
let res = num.toFixed(2);



Round JavaScript 2 Decimal Places Using Math.round()

The Math.round() function is employed to round to 2 decimal places in JavaScript. This method involves multiplying the integer by 10^2 = 100 (2 decimal places) and then dividing it by 10^2 = 100.

To ensure precise rounding, we count the average and add a very little number, Number.EPSILON. After that, we multiply by 100 and round to get only the two numbers after the decimal place. Finally, we divide by 100 to reach a maximum of two decimal places.

let num = 374.848590;
let res = Math.round(num * 100) / 100



Despite the fact that this method is better than toFixed(), it is still not the optimal solution and will incorrectly round 4.008.

Round to 2 Decimal Places JavaScript Using toPrecision()

We use the toPrecision() function in this approach to remove the floating-point rounding mistakes introduced during single rounding’s intermediate calculations.

function round(x) {
   var m = Number((Math.abs(x) * 100).toPrecision(15));
   return Math.round(m) / 100 * Math.sign(x);




JavaScript Round Decimal to 2 Places Using the Custom Function

This code handles all of the edge cases, including rounding decimals like 32.009.

function roundToTwo(num) {
   return +(Math.round(num + "e+2") + "e-2");



This brings us to the end of this article. We saw different methods for the JavaScript round to 2 decimal places. Also see:- JavaScript Get Highest Value in Array of Objects

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