Top 10 Software Technology Trends Expected in 2023

Top 10 Software Technology Trends Expected in the upcoming year | Because of the pandemic situation, the new software technology in computers has drastically changed the direction of goods aimed at the leverage remote communication & e-commerce. However, these are not the only places where IT companies are going to increase their activities. Here, you can find the top ten technology trends that are considered to emerge in the upcoming year.

Below are some of the software technology trends for the upcoming years that will impact your business and will take it on a higher position.

There is rapid progress is expected in this industry for the first time in Dublin after the global market report 2020-30 for the video game software. The document claims that the total capitalization of the new software technologies in computers for video games is in decline because of the Covid 19 & subsequent economic crisis. The figure evaluated in the year was $167.2 billion, but it dropped to $166.4 billion in 2020.

Software Technology Trends - Video Games

However, it is forecasted that the gaming sector will grow in the upcoming year as one of the trends in the software industry global scale. According to the report, the years 2021-22 will compensate the developers with a rapid recovery.

The growth of this software technology trend for video games & related products is estimated to reach $223.2 billion by 2023-24. If it happens, then it will be the new trend in software development. With the rise in video games and related goods, the Computing, Networking & Storage Industries are also getting more utilities than previously.


Retail purchasing is gaining momentum via the Internet at different times. According to the statistics, the volume scale in this sector was estimated at $1.3 trillion in 2014, but now the volume has reached $4.9 trillion. Hence, over the years the market has roughly quadrupled.

This growth figure for the new software technologies in computers will also impact the developers to make the new trends in software for e-Commerce. In 2022, it is assumed that the development of applications to provide online services will become the top trend.

Voice Commerce

Voice commerce is considered one of the largest IT trends in the industry of new software technologies in computers. It’s a new technology that allows you to carry the actions via voice commands.

Google & Amazon are some of the examples that have already approached this unique trend. The products by these companies are actively introduced in the market. The users can perform different activities through voice commands without touching their devices. 

The technology trend gains huge popularity because of better time management that is resulted from the ability to control the system on the go. This software technology claims to make a new trend and it is expected to be $40 billion to be brought by voice-based robots. The figure will become bigger in 2022 since both the companies make improvements to their devices.

The Rise of Native Applications

First of all, we need to understand the fact that smartphones are an inseparable part of our life. The estimate of smartphone users is about 3.8 billion in 2022. It will become inevitable for most businesses to offer a top-class user experience to their clients.

To provide a better user experience, modern-day businesses are looking to operate in highly competitive niches. Many experts suggested that the native application will be the top new software technology in computers for 2023. The native computer programs are in vogue because of high customer experience. So, you can consider it as one of the top software technology trends in 2022.

Cloud Technologies

Cloud-related technologies will remain a trend in the upcoming year as it is before. The IT portal suggests that the global pandemic leveraged the interest to use cloud applications for data processing & storage.

The experts say that most of the important data is running in clouds today. Hence, the new software technology in computers will take a greater extent in the year 20232. Because of the trend in cloud technology, more IT companies will focus to satisfy the market.

Benefits of Using the Cloud-based Software:

  • low cost on new projects.
  • Expenditures will decrease in the maintenance of the project.
  • Productivity for the development process.

Open Source

Most software developers release open source applications to the public domain so, that lots of people can get free access to the new software technologies in computers and it will become an alternative to commercial software. This is useful for those people who use to work remotely without having corporate accounts. 

In the context of the software technology trend, this segment will remain popular among people in 2022. Open-source software is considered to be secure as compared to commercial analogs. The new technology trend will impact the general condition of the IT industry because it is a significant part of the market, which belongs to open source.

Chatbot Development

The domain of chatbot development is still considered the most popular among people as a new software technology in computers. It is used to accelerate the communication between different parties.  The online chat support is useful to cut down the cost on operators & other staff.

It includes Telegram, Facebook, Skype, and Viber which use chatbots actively today. The study says that around 58 percent of chatbots work in the B2B segment while the rest 42 percent work in the B2C segment.

Virtual Reality

It is said to be a promising avenue for the entertainment industry and it allows to appear in the virtual space along with a full presence. this is the thing that attracts the consumers of different Virtual Reality products.

These new software technologies in computers are considered to be a worthy investment. It seems to be very prospective for this segment when it comes to the development of more affordable virtual reality solutions. It can be conveniently assumed that it will be on the list of modern software technologies.

Cloud Gaming

Year after the games for personal computers & consoles are becoming more demanding and this is why that cloud game comes into the world market. Now, you don’t need anymore to purchase expensive components for playing the games.

A good data bandwidth and the data stream are enough for playing online games. Approximately 125 million people will start using cloud gaming software in the upcoming years. By this, we can estimate the popularity of new software technologies in computers.


At the time of developing a computer application or a website, it is important to make them accessible through different communication channels. The demand for cross-platform support is increasing day by day since the number of smartphone users is growing.

This is not about the web-based & mobile versions of the computer programs, but it is for the compatibility of different platforms. Well, the trend has been observed in the last few years and it will continue to grow in the coming years as well.


The agenda of this post is to provide you with the top ten software technology trends that are expected in the year 2022. Companies should have to look forward to the ride on the mentioned above trends for delivering the synchronized & high-end user experience. You can choose one of the above trends as per your business requirements.

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