Best Software for Writing Your Dissertation

Most post-graduate students abandon their studies at the dissertation writing phase. The exercise demands a lot of time, effort, and commitment. You are likely to sit through the paper for days and only end up with two pages. Every student is looking for ways to simplify the process so that you can return to your family, social life, or work and still submit the best paper. You can also hire dissertation writers to help you deliver the paper in days.

The internet offers numerous apps and software that you can use to simplify the dissertation writing process. Some apps will help with typing while others assist with editing. You also have apps and online platforms that help with formatting. Here, Some best software to help you complete the most captivating dissertation. 


Word processing software comes with spell check but that is almost it. You are left to figure out word choices, passive voice, repetition, and punctuation errors, among other writing issues. If your language is wanting, you end up with a poor quality paper. Grammarly comes in handy to fix your language issues. 

Grammarly highlights all the spelling errors on your paper. It also explains the correction, helping you to learn from your mistakes. You have the option of skipping the mistake in case your project is creative writing. 

Grammarly edits your work in real-time. It means that you will have been done with editing by the time you finish writing the paper. It will save time, helping you to submit the paper on time. You use the same app to check for plagiarism, ensuring that you submit the most unique and original paper.

Grammarly is free for limited features. Advanced features help you to polish your paper further but they also come at a cost. It is easy to use and provides the most accurate results among editing apps. 


The dissertation writing process requires you to use different notes and reference materials. You come across these materials at different moments in your writing process. You need to collect and organize them in a way that will be easier to use when drafting the paper. Penultimate and Evernote will help you in this regard. 

Evernote helps you to take and capture notes anywhere you find valuable information. The app accommodates notes in different formats including PDF, video, and audio files. It allows you to store the notes systematically for easier retrieval. 

Evernote is cloud-based. This allows you to access the notes anywhere and at any time. You continue working on the paper wherever you are, save it in the cloud, and continue during the next session on another gadget. 

An interesting feature is the ability to take notes in image or video format. It will help you when using materials that you cannot carry with you. Evernote will help you to create the most comprehensive database for individual research papers. Evernote is free for limited features. You pay a subscription to get the advanced features. These features are worth every dollar you can pay. They will deliver the best value for money. 


Computer viruses and delete errors could return you to zero after hours of hard work. You end up missing the submission deadline and losing valuable ideas you cannot generate again. You need safe storage for your paper where you can access the paper anywhere and at any time. 

Dropbox is a cloud-based storage platform for all types of files you could be using in your dissertation writing process. It allows you to collect and drop articles, journal papers, samples, examples, and any such materials you may be used for reference purposes. Dropbox is synchronized on all devices. You use the app comes with a search option that allows you to extract the files you have saved in the cloud. 

Dropbox is free of charge. Once you upload a document on one device, it will appear in its updated version on the other device. Such capability ensures that your work is always saved. You avoid having thousands of versions of the same document spread across different gadgets. It secures your work from risky computer viruses that can wipe an entire dissertation in seconds. 


Distraction when writing your paper will slow you down. A paper that would have taken a few hours ends up taking the entire day or week. You need to monitor your concentration and improve your time usage. Offtime helps you to manage your time. 

Offtime allows you to restrict certain phone functionalities for a set duration. Since you select the functionalities to maintain, you have better control of your activities on the phone. For instance, you can allow calls from friends or family and not strangers. It gives you time to concentrate on your dissertation until it is completed. 

The ability to disconnect from social media or particular calls will improve your concentration. You do not worry about emergencies or persons of interest. It is one of the apps to help you disconnect with certain quarters and dedicate sufficient time to the task at hand. The app is available for free. However, you may purchase advanced features to improve your experience. 


A dissertation is one of the most thoroughly scrutinized academic papers. Every citation and reference will be scrutinized against the formatting rules provided. It takes a lot of time to format and create references for your paper. Still, you are not guaranteed accurate entries. Unfortunately, formatting errors attract huge penalties. Mendeley will solve all your formatting and citation headaches. You may also turn to dissertation services UK to assist you to write the entire paper and avoid the trouble of formatting or citations. 

Mendeley is installed as an add-on on your Word document. It is free yet offers some of the most incredible formatting features. You can reference, format, and cite the articles or academic materials as you write your paper. Choose your preferred formatting style from the list provided. Once you enter the details of the materials you are using, they will appear as formatted entries in the paper. It is the most features-rich citation tool you can find today. 

Writing apps, platforms and software make dissertation writing easier, faster, and efficient. You have more time to attend to family, work, or entrepreneurship projects. Such software will also help to improve your performance. Since the apps are free, you can use them to improve your writing skills.

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