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7 Best Java Podcasts For Programmers & Tech Enthusiasts

7 Of The Best Java Podcasts For Programmers And Tech Enthusiasts | Programmers are likely familiar with the vast applications of the Java programming language. It’s a simple yet high-level and beautiful programming language to those who understand it. For programmers and tech enthusiasts who are learning Java, it can be challenging at times. 

“Some Java abstract concepts are more complex and difficult to grasp than others,” warns George Robinson, a tech blogger at Boomessays and Paper Fellows. “This doesn’t mean you should give up. There are tons of advice and guidance from programmers out there. You just have to listen.” 

Podcasts provide a great way to learn about the Java programming language and listen to expert advice from those who have mastered Java fluency.  

Benefits Of Listening To A Java Podcast

Listening to a podcast is a great way to ease yourself into learning Java or take a break from more traditional paths of study. Podcasts are a more relaxing approach to this tricky programming language. 

“The best Java podcasts will not only help students learn how to program using the Java programming language,” advises Lillian Dahlberg, a writer at State Of Writing and Assignment Help. “They also provide expert tips and tricks to make the journey easier.”

Best Java Podcasts

Here are seven of the best java podcasts available to programmers and tech enthusiasts.

How To Program With Java Podcast 

How To Program With Java Podcast is a podcast hosted by Trevor Page, a Canadian software engineer. He walks students through the process of how to use Java to create web applications. It is a great Java podcast for programmers as well as non-programmers.

He teaches the basics of the Java programming language in a calm and engaging manner. He also offers plenty of advice for aspiring programmers. His podcast episodes cover topics such as how to get a job as a coder, are coding bootcamps worth it, and how much a Java career pays. 

Inside Java 

It’s safe to assume that the people who developed Java can offer incredibly useful tips and tricks for learning Java. Inside Java is created by the makers of Java at Oracle. In the episodes, the Java developers discuss several useful topics for students. These topics include the features of every new Java release, the current state of Java, and its future as a programming language. 

Java Off Heap 

As a podcast, Java Off Heap offers students coverage of the latest news on Java. The host, Freddy, is a java professional based in Chicago. In the podcast episodes, he discusses current Java news with other tech professionals in his city. Some of the topics he discusses include key supreme court rulings concerning tech, a comparison of Oracle and Google, and the pros and cons of facial recognition software. 

Java Posse 

With its extensive 461 episode playlist, listeners will never run out of Java content to listen to on Java Posse. This podcast is considered to be one of the best Java podcasts in existence. Although its creators are no longer producing new episodes, Java learners may still find valuable information in these older episodes. Its introductory tutorials into Java are some of the best available to students to this date. 

Java Pub House 

Hosted by Freddy and Bob, Java Pub House is one of the most highly rated Java podcasts available online. In addition to teaching listeners how to program in Java, the hosts touch on issues that Java programmers encounter often. They also discuss the latest news and Java releases in an entertaining way. The topics they discuss vary from caching, the art of debugging, and source control. This is an essential listen for any Java professional. 

The podcast, is hosted by Adam Bien. Listeners will gain a lot from Adam, who has written books on the Java programming language. His podcast is the perfect blend of entertaining, relatable stories and technical tutorials and guides. 

Illegal Argument 

Illegal Argument is a podcast hosted by Greg, Mark, and Richard. The hosts, who are also friends, discuss trending topics in the Java community on a weekly basis.


As you can see, there are plenty of high-quality podcasts for those hoping to learn Java or simply stay on top of the last Java news. Listening to any of these podcasts is a fantastic way to immerse yourself in the language of Java.

Emily Henry is a tech specialist at Assignment Service and Thesis Writing Service. She frequently writes about JAVA and other programming languages for services such as OX Essays among others.

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