Find Sum and Average of an Array Using the Pointer in C

C Program to Find Sum and Average of an Array Using the Pointer. Take input from the end-user for the array of numbers, calculate sum and average. Later display those results to the screen. Use the pointer to perform all these operations. Here, we will develop a program to find sum and average of an array using the pointer in c.

int main()
    float x[5], sum=0.0, avg;
    int i;
    float *px, *psum, *pavg;

    px = &x[0];  //  Or, px = &x;
    psum = &sum, pavg = &avg;

    printf("Enter array Elements: ");
    for (i=0;i<5;i++)
        *psum += *(px + i);

    *pavg = *psum / 5;
    printf("Sum= %.2f \t Average= %.2f\n", *psum, *pavg);

    return 0;


Enter array Elements: 10
Sum=141.00 Average=28.20

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