Loop MCQ in C

The loop control statements are useful to execute a statement or a set of statements for a particular number of times until the condition evaluates to true. Learn more:-

Q1) Which of the following is not an example of a Looping statement?

a) For
b) Do-while
c) While
d) Switch

View Answer Answer:- d) Switch

Q2) Which loop is faster in C Language, for, while, or Do While?

a) for
b) while
c) do-while
d) All work at the same speed

View Answer Answer:- d) All work at the same speed

Q3) Loops in C Language are implemented using which block?

a) While Block
b) For Block
c) Do While Block
d) All the above

View Answer Answer:- d) All the above

Q4) If block always needs to be associated with an else block?

a) True
b) False

View Answer Answer:- b) False

Q5) To perform a set of instructions repeatedly which of the following can be used?

a) For
b) While
c) If-Else-If
d) Both a & b

View Answer Answer:- d) Both a & b

Q6) Which among the following is an unconditional control structure?

a) Do-while
b) If-else
c) Goto
d) For

View Answer Answer:- c) Goto

Q7) This Loop tests the condition after having executed the Statements within the Loop.

a) While
b) Do-While
c) For Loop
d) If-Else-If

View Answer Answer:- b) Do-While

Q8) Choose a right C Statement.

a) Loops or Repetition block executes a group of statements repeatedly.
b) Loop is usually executed as long as a condition is met.
c) Loops usually take advantage of Loop Counter
d) All the above

View Answer Answer:- d) All the above

Q9) The __ statement causes the loop to be terminated.

a) Exit
b) Break
c) Default
d) Continue

View Answer Answer:- b) Break

Q10) Choose a correct C Statement.

a) a++ is (a=a+1) POST INCREMENT Operator
a– is (a=a-1) POST DECREMENT Operator
–a is (a=a-1) PRE DECREMENT Operator
c) ++a is (a=a+1) PRE INCREMENT Operator
d) All the above.

View Answer Answer:- d) All the above

Q11) What is the work of break keyword?

a) Halt execution of the program
b) Restart execution of the program
c) Exit from loop or switch statement
d) None of the above

View Answer Answer:- c) Exit from loop or switch statement

Q12) What is the way to suddenly come out of or quit any Loop in C Language?

a) continue; statement
b) break; statement
c) leave; statement
d) quit; statement

View Answer Answer:- b) break; statement

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