Printf() Quiz in C Set-4

Printf() Quiz in C Set-4 | This quiz is on String length using printf() and printf() inside printf() in C Programming language. The printf() function in C programming language is used for output formatting. It is used to display information required by the user and also prints the value of the variables. It formats the output, like the width of the output, the sign of the output e.t.c

In C, there are many predefined library functions are available for input and output operations. These functions are collectively called standard input-output library functions, and all these functions are available in stdio.h header file.

Note:- We can write printf() inside printf(). Execution will be inside to the outside of printf(). First inside printf() will executed and then outside printf(). The printing order will be right to left.

If you finding difficulties to solve these questions then first you should learn these:-

Printf() Quiz in C

Q1) Find the output of the given C program.

int main()
  int a = printf("Hello");
  printf("\t %d",a);
  return 0;

a) Hello 6
b) error
c) Hello 5
d) Garbage value

View Answer Answer:- c) Hello 5

The printf() returns the length(integer) of string. In string ‘\0’ is not counted as a character. Here “Hello” has 5 characters so printf display Hello to the screen and returns 5 to the variable a.

Q2) Find the output of the given C program.

int main()
  int n=9988;
  printf("%d", printf("%d", printf("%d", n) ) );
  return 0;

a) 998899889988
b) 9988
c) 998841
d) Compile time error

View Answer Answer:- c) 998841

Innermost printf(“%d”, 9988) display 9988 returns the number of digits (in this case 4 due to 9988) to the second inner printf. Now,
printf(“%d”, printf(“%d”, 4));

Second inner printf display 4 and return number of digits (in this case 1 for 4) to the outer printf. Now,
printf(“%d”, 1);
The final output is:- 998841

Q3) Can we find string length without using a loop or strlen()?

a) No
b) Yes

View Answer Answer:- b) Yes

Using printf() function we can find the length of any string without using loop or strlen().

Q4) Find the output of the given C program.

int main()
  printf("I miss you", printf("buddy "));
  return 0;

a) I miss you
b) buddy
c) buddy I miss you
d) I miss you buddy

View Answer Answer:- c) buddy I miss you

buddy I miss you; The innermost print() function, printf(“buddy “) will execute and display “buddy “. Now, printf(“I miss you”, 5);
The next printf() will execute and print “I miss you”.

Q5) Find the output of the given C program.

int main()
  printf("\t Spiderman-%d",printf("Coming"));
  return 0;

a) Coming
b) Coming Spiderman-5
c) Coming Spiderman-7
d) Coming Spiderman-6

View Answer Answer:- d) Coming Spiderman-6

printf(“Coming”) display Coming and it has 6 charaters. Outer printf() display this 6 using conversion specifier %d.

Q6) Find the output of the given C program.

int main()
  printf("John Wick-%d",printf("The Lion King\t"));
  return 0;

a) The Lion King John Wick-11
b) The Lion King John Wick-14
c) The Lion King John Wick-15
d) The Lion King John Wick-13

View Answer Answer:- b) The Lion King John Wick-14

printf(“The Lion King\t”) display “The Lion King” and it has 14 characters, blank space is a special character and ‘\t’ is an escape character.

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