C Program to Find Sum and Average of 3 Numbers

C Program to Find Sum and Average of 3 Numbers | Program description:- Write a C program to find the sum and average of three numbers. Take inputs from the end-user.

Before developing a C program to find the sum and average of 3 numbers, let us see how to find the sum and average of three numbers.

Let three numbers are a, b & c then,
Sum = (a+b+c)
Average = sum/3

C Program to Find Sum and Average of 3 Numbers

int main()
  // declare variable
  float num1, num2, num3;
  float sum, avg;

  // take inputs
  printf("Enter three Numbers: ");
  scanf("%f %f %f",&num1, &num2, &num3);

  // calculate sum
  sum = num1 + num2 + num3;

  // calculate average
  avg = sum / 3;

  // display entered numbers
  printf("Entered numbers are: %.2f, %.2f and %.2f\n",
           num1, num2, num3);

  // display sum and average
  printf("Sum=%.2f\n", sum);
  printf("Average=%.2f\n",avg );

  return 0;

Output for the different test-cases:-

Enter three Numbers: 10 20 30
Entered numbers are: 10.00, 20.00 and 30.00

Enter three Numbers: 1.9 2.5 8.16
Entered numbers are: 1.90, 2.50 and 8.16

In this program, three variables are declared num1, num2, and num3. These variables will store three floating-point numbers. The printf function displays the messages to the user “Enter three Numbers:”. Later using scanf function three numbers are stored in the variables num1, num2, and num3.

The scanf function reads the numbers until the user enters not enters the three numbers. If the user enters integer number then it will be automatically converted to a floating-point number by type promotion.

The sum is calculated as num1+num2+num3. The values of those three variables are floating-point numbers so, their sum will be a floating-point number. The average is calculated as sum/(total numbers).

After calculating the sum and average of the numbers, the variables num1, num2, and num3 are printed. Finally, the sum and average are displayed to the screen.

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1 thought on “C Program to Find Sum and Average of 3 Numbers”

  1. md ahasan habib niloy

    Write a program that asks the user to enter three numbers (use three separate input
    statements). Create variables called total, average and max that hold the sum, average and
    maximum of the three numbers and print out the values of total, average and max.

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