String Handling in Java

String Handling in Java | In String Handling, You will learn to store string data in JVM from a program & further perform several operations on this string data. The operations such as comparing, concatenating, replacing, changing cases, trimming, retrieving characters, splitting, e.t.c. operations.

Performing different operations on string data is called string handling. To perform several operations on string data there are many built-in methods are given in the String, StringBuffer, and StringBuilder classes. This article contains all the links to posts related to Java String.

Java String Tutorial

In Java, for String Handling, we mainly used the String, StringBuilder, and StringBuffer classes. The java.lang.String is an immutable class and it means once a string object is declared we can’t modify them, and on every modification, it creates a new string object. Whereas the StringBuilder and StringBuffer classes are mutable classes and they allow modification on the same object.

Java String Class & Methods

String Class Methods in Java:- charAt(), codePoints(), codePointAt(), codePointBefore(), codePointCount(), offsetByCodePoints(), compareTo(), compareToIgnoreCase(), concat(), contains(), equals(), equalsIgnoreCase(), format(), getBytes(), hashCode(), indent(), indexOf(), intern(), isBlank(), isEmpty(), join(), lastIndexOf(), length(), matches(), repeat(), replace(), replaceAll(), replaceFirst(), split(), startsWith() & endsWith(), strip() stripLeading() & stripTrailing(), substring(), toCharArray(), toLowerCase(), toString(), toUpperCase(), trim(), valueOf()

Java StringBuilder and StringBuffer Class

StringUtils Class

Apart from the String, StringBuilder, and StringBuffer class sometimes we need to use external libraries for String handling. One of the biggest limitations of String, StringBuilder, and StringBuffer class methods is that it doesn’t handle null properly, If an object is referencing to null then those methods will give NullPointerException.

To solve this problem and for other features, we can take the help of the Apache Common Lang package. This package contains StringUtils class having several methods for String handling.

  1. Import StringUtils in Java
  2. StringUtils Class Methods:-  isEmpty()isNotEmpty()isBlank()isNotBlank()isEmpty() vs isBlank()equals()lowerCase()isNumeric()rightPad()

Java String Programs

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Number programs using String

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String Array Programs

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Others/Games Programs using String

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