C++ Program to Print the Number Entered by the User

In this tutorial, we will write a C++ program to print the number entered by the user. To write this program you should understand what is data types in C++.

using namespace std;
int main()
  // declare variable
  int number;

  // take input from end-user
  cout << "Enter an Integer: ";
  cin >> number;

  // display
  cout << "Entered Integer is: " << number << endl;

  return 0;


Enter an Integer: 15
Entered Integer is: 15

In this C++ program to print the number entered by the user, We take a variable number of int data type which stores an integer value. Later we asked the user to enter an integer.

cout << "Enter an Integer: ";

The first line displays the message “Enter an integer: ” to the screen. The next line takes input from the user and store in the variable number.

cin >> number;

The below line displays the data stored in the variable number.

cout << "Entered Integer is: " << number << endl;

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