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  • Gematria Calculator
    Gematria Calculator Enter word: 0 0 0 Calculate Gematria Hebrew English and Simple Gematria Table CharacterHebrewGematriaValueEnglishGematriaValueSimpleGematriaValueA161B2122C3183D4244E5305F6366G7427H8488I9549J6006010K106611L207212M307813N408414O509015P609616Q7010217R8010818S9011419T10012020U20012621V70013222W90013823X30014424Y40015025Z50015626 Hebrew Gematria Table CharacterValueA1B2C3D4E5F6G7H8I9J600K10L20M30N40O50P60Q70R80S90T100U200V700W900X300Y400Z500 English Gematria Table CharacterValueA6B12C18D24E30F36G42H48I54J60K66L72M78N84O90P96Q102R108S114T120U126V132W138X144Y150Z156 Simple Gematria Table CharacterValueA1B2C3D4E5F6G7H8I9J10K11L12M13N14O15P16Q17R18S19T20U21V22W23X24Y25Z26
  • Chronological Age Calculator
    Your chronological age is the amount of time that has passed from your birth to the given date. It’s your age in terms of years, months, days, etc. This is the primary way people define their age. Chronological Age Calculator Birthday: Age on This Date: Calculate Result: 0 Age as of: 0 BirthDate: 0 Months …

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  • Convert Case
    Convert your text to Uppercase, Lowercase, alternative case, and in other cases form. Paste or write the words below and click on the button for the desired result. Character count: 0 | Word count: 0 | Line count: 0 UPPERCASE lowercase Sentence Titlecase aLtErNaTiVe