Top Marine Route Planning Software

Top Marine Route Planning Software | In today’s world, technology is growing very vast. Marine navigation has been also affected by such improvements. People are exploring the best marine navigation tools and software. Marine navigation software is widely used nowadays. Some best marine navigation software will turn your device into a chart plotter. 

There are more than many marine navigation tools developed nowadays. Today we will discuss some of the best marine route navigation software for our pc and laptop. 

1. SPICA Marine Navigation Software

It is one of the best passage planning software which aids in digital marine navigation. Passage planning is made easy because of using this software. It is an advanced marine data software solution that is designed to give vessels, engineers, consultants, and shipping companies the most efficient and effective route planning experience.

This software provides individual vessels with special authority and control of each journey and promotes more amazing fleet optimization via enhanced passage planning, monitoring, transmission, research, and analysis capabilities. 

Features of the AMNautical – SPICA Marine Route Planning Software:-

  1. It automatically generates accurate routes.
  2. It overlays the charts with radio signals and tides. 
  3. It is very easy to use. Its interface is touch friendly. 
  4. Its components and elements are user-friendly.
  5. It manages routes and overlays, monitors arrival times and departure times, and checks speed with a simple click.

2. OpenCPN Marine Navigation Software

OpenCPN is a chart plotter or marine navigation software that is widely used today. It’s free software that is used as a planning tool. It uses satellite navigation input to specify the ship’s position and data from an AIS receiver to plot the places of nearby ships.

It has very low system requirements. It can run on a single-core computerFeatures of the OpenCPN Marine Route Planning Software:-

  1. It is free software and runs on every single core computer.
  2. It is a useful and weather resist chart plotter.
  3. It tracks the location of the ship and its neighborhood ships.  
  4. It is open-source application software.
  5. It is compatible with the widely used industry standards chart formulas.

3. TimeZero Marine Navigation Software

It is the most progressive boat or marine navigation software. It gathers all the segments essential for safe marine navigation. It is designed to answer the needs of navigation and requirements of recreational sailors. It has AIS abilities and a wide picking of charting formats. 

It was designed with a unique vision allowing for continuous innovation. It is fully compatible with Windows 10 operating system.

Features of the TimeZero Marine Route Planning Software:-

  1. It has an advanced professional user interface.
  2. It tracks and monitors the departure time according to the tidal current.
  3. It has advanced AIS Management.
  4. It has WorldWide 3D database and planning charts.
  5. It is a touch-friendly compatible user interface.

4. iSail GPS Marine Navigation Software

It is GPS software that can be used in water and can give you a piece of real-time information about marine navigation. You can easily browse over 50 channels and can schedule your next activity or just inspect your present position with high performance. 

You can only use this software when you are on land. The prices of this software are quite expensive but if you want marine navigation then you can pay for the navigation software.

Features of the iSail Marine Route Planning Software:-

  1. It has an incredible built-in help directory.
  2. Using the software, users can create and edit waypoints and routes.
  3. It’s a straightforward marine navigation software.
  4. It is a solid, easy-to-use, no-frills navigation software.
  5. It easily measures the distance between two points.

5. iBoating Marine Navigation Software

It is one of the most used navigation software. It has the credentials to inland rivers and lake charts as well as satellite overlays. It is compatible with Windows 10 operating system on your PC. It is 100% safe to install and download and is virus scanned to protect your system. It includes unlimited updates for one year. It has coverage of all marine vector charts.

Features of the iBoating Marine Route Planning Software:-

  1. It is able to create and import waypoints.
  2. It supports GPS/KML for navigation route editing and importing.
  3. It records tracks and auto follows with the real-time track overlay.
  4. It can predict path vectors.
  5. It is the best route assistance for marine navigation.

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