Top Websites to Improve Your Coding Skill for Beginner

6 Free websites to elevate your coding game to the next level | Solving problems and hard practice are excellent ways to improve your coding. To improve as a developer, you must practice coding in your programming language and learn how to solve problems quickly. Programming has become far more vital in today’s environment than it has ever been. Programming presents various avenues for novice developers, allowing them to take advantage of and execute new initiatives. The majority of programming aspirants seek to hone their coding talents and efficiently improve their programming fundamentals.

For many years, technical jobs have been gaining popularity among creative folks. People who can communicate in computer language frequently have the most work options in a digital society. Because of the growing demand, there are many lucrative organizations, companies, and programming courses that provide you with in-depth guidance and information on programming in any specific language of your choosing you’ll need to practice in any case.

You have everything you need at your fingertips thanks to the multitude of materials available online. Whether you want to learn a new language or get into programming for the first time, these sites are some of the finest at providing novices with coding practice.; nevertheless, most novices would prefer studying using free resources.

A free online coding website is a place where you can learn about different types of code, improve your programming skills, and even get certificates. Today, we’ll take a look at some of the most outstanding coding websites available.

1. UnStop

UnStop provides students, professionals & recruiters a one-stop solution. Gamifying learning, practice, and employment opportunities, all on the same platform is a novel strategy adopted by D2C.

The recently launched UnStop Pro provides placement focussed courses on subjects like Data Structures, Javascript, and SQL that helps candidates practice and sharpen their coding skills. The student-friendly website has a lot to offer like:

  • Articles: The articles cover a wide range of topics starting from CS subjects to resume prep for your placements.
  • Courses: They have targeted helping you prepare for your online tests & interviews. Not just CS subjects but they also have courses on topics like Git, Linux, Competitive Coding, Coding Interview patterns, etc.
  • Practice: You can not only learn from their vast material but also implement your learnings by solving problems for free and also test your skills in the competitive landscape through hackathons and other competitions that are being regularly organized on the platform.
  • Hiring: Together with learning & practicing, you can even participate in hiring challenges and straightaway get hired by top companies in India on various profiles.

2. Geeks for Geeks

GeeksforGeeks provides its customers with a wide range of information for learning, practising, and reading. Essentially, it focuses on programming. As a result, if you are a newbie in your first or second year of a bachelor’s degree, you may begin with the DS portion, which will be very beneficial in getting you placed in the sector. Although you must follow the step-by-step parts as shown in the DS dropdown menu (check by hovering the mouse over the DS button in the navigation bar), such as arrays first, then LinkedList, then Stacks, and so on. You won’t have to worry about your interview preparations if you solve all of the tasks presented here.

The website has a lot to offer as they have:

  • Articles: These articles cover a wide range of computer science subjects and are also quite interesting to read.
  • Tutorials: They give tutorials on many topics like  Algorithms, Data Structures,  CS Subjects and much more.
  • Students Section: Here you can view:
  1. Testimonials by their users
  2. Campus Mantri Programme
  3. Competitive Programming and much more
  • Courses: They provide a range of courses to assist you to learn concepts and prepare for a career change or placement season.Their courses range from:
  1. Live: These sessions can be taken from the home.
  2. Online: These are generally self-paced courses
  3. Offline: The offline classes took place at their office but they have stopped due to this pandemic.

3. is an entertaining and very accessible introduction to coding aimed at a younger community of would-be developers. With around 60 million students globally, the platform provides you with access to a diverse selection of learning experiences designed to meet a variety of requirements and learning levels.

The environment was created to incorporate coding into the conventional curriculum. You may either plunge into comprehensive one-hour courses or try a more organised approach to learning, which is perfect for those with varied learning styles. There is also a massive library of courses ranging from fundamental coding for younger children to university-level schooling.

4. Free Code Camp

Free Code Camp, a diversified alternative on our list of free coding websites, is all about increasing your coding expertise while also networking with other like-minded people in the business. The solution enables you to learn coding by taking part in challenges – excellent if you want to put your abilities to the test as soon as feasible.

Some of their fantastic online material includes interactive learning web platforms for practising web development utilising programming languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. To attain the necessary outcomes, there are several assignments and practise problems that you may work on alone or with partners.

You’ll get access to a variety of courses and tutorials designed to help you understand and conquer each problem as you get started.

5. Geektastic

Geektastic features a multitude of tools for programmers of all skill levels, including thorough answers to their multiple-choice and peer-reviewed coding problems. In addition to their interactive challenges and contests, high-ranking programmers may be invited to join the review team. Members of this team are compensated for reviewing coding submissions for clients who are looking for a solution to their own coding projects. Geektastic offers a mix of multiple-choice and peer-reviewed programming challenges. With each response to a multiple-choice question, there is a thorough explanation. In addition to completing challenges, you can also develop and share your own with their worldwide community. If you reach a certain level of success, you may be invited to join their exclusive review team, which is paid to analyse coding challenges submissions for some of the world’s fastest-growing IT businesses in their spare time.

6. Codewars

One of the most popular coding websites among developers is Codewars. This portal, run by a tech assessment business, provides coding challenges known as kata to help you improve your programming abilities. The engagement of the community is what distinguishes Codewars. Participants may observe how they compare to other members, examine their peers’ responses, and develop their kata for others to attempt. Participants can also join discussions on the GitHub or Discord platforms for real-time participation.

To begin, users must select a language. Then Codewars will issue them a challenge to test their abilities and decide the difficulty level of their first task. The assignments will become more difficult as you proceed through each kata.

7. TopCoder

In one of the first online competitive programming platforms, you may compete against other designers, developers, and data scientists. In TopCoder, Single Round Matches are available a few times every month at a set period. The highest scorers are among the greatest and most difficult to defeat programmers.

This post has provided you with a list of the top places to learn to code for free. Choose the ones that are in line with your objectives and provide the materials you require. Free coding websites are a great method to hone your abilities and discover new prospects in the world of coding. If you want to start a new profession as a programmer or code developer, consider some of the alternatives listed above.

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