The Untold Secret to Data Science in Less Than Ten Minutes

The Untold Secret to Data Science in Less Than Ten Minutes | What Comes to Mind When You Hear the Word “Data Science”? Is it a guy with thick glasses and an old lab coat frantically writing R code? A person in front of two screens, one with Microsoft Excel on it, another open alongside Jupyter Notebook? Perhaps you think of professional statisticians working for prestigious companies like Google or Facebook. Or maybe you imagine brilliant young girls wearing colorful socks at hackathons trying to solve humanity’s biggest problems?

We all have different perceptions about certain things. When it comes to data science, some would believe that this is just statistics with fancier tools. Some would say that if anyone can figure out how to predict the future using big data, that person is a data scientist. While others even go so far as to say that data science is just a buzzword that employers are using to hire cheap labor.

But what if I told you that there was another way of looking at this? What if I told you that the future of the entire world depends on your ability to master data science course skills? That would be pretty crazy, right?

Do not panic! We are not here to make any sensationalist claims or promises which we cannot fulfill. The truth is, mastering data science concepts might prove extremely beneficial in the long run – without having to give up your current lifestyle. All it takes is an understanding of some basic mathematical and statistical concepts along with the willingness to learn new things and put them into action.

So, What Exactly is This “New Thing” That We are About to Introduce?

Without further ado, let us present you with data science in less than ten minutes: the untapped secret of highly-paid professionals around the globe. You can thank us later. To know more check

But before we begin…

Why Data Science is the Future of Businesses and Careers

Let’s start our story from a customer in a coffee shop in New York City. She just wants to get black hot coffee from Starbucks and walks up to the cashier. Usually, she ends up paying around $5 for a cup of joe but today it looks like her wallet is empty so instead, she opens her eWallet on her smartphone and uses Apple Pay. In an instant, she pays for her coffee and gets on with her day.

The whole process of the transaction is done without any hassle and within a matter of seconds. Even though it looks like our customer does not have to go through much trouble just to get a cup of coffee, there’s actually a very complex system that has been put into place in order to make what we call “consumer experience” happen.

In this specific case, the consumer was able to pay for her hot beverage by using an application that integrates with Apple Pay – all housed less than one massive technology ecosystem called Apple. The barista who served the drink is also equipped with technology such as mobile devices (used for taking orders) and payment terminals (used where cash payments are made).

The most important ingredient in this entire system however is data. But not just any kind of data – the so-called “big data”. This includes information about customer activity (i.e., where she is located), preferences (i.e., black coffee), and payment history (i.e., no cash). All these details are crucial for companies who want to create an unforgettable consumer experience by providing the best products and the finest customer service.

And this is true for every single business out there! Big or small, private or public, they all depend on big data to make decisions that will influence growth and productivity. So it’s only normal for employees within these companies to be trained to use data science tools that will help them to process all the data at their disposal.

Data science, as you can see, is not just some new invention or a passing trend – it’s here to stay for many years to come. It’s worth noting that the majority of people are still completely unaware of how this whole thing works and what effect it will have on their lives in the future. This includes your friends, relatives, neighbors, teachers, bosses…even Google does not answer questions properly! It’s really quite frustrating if you think about it.

Unfortunately, there is no single source that explains “how” things work within the context of everyday life. But now you have one right here! So let us begin with simple yet very important definitions…


Data science is an emerging field of study that gives individuals the knowledge to make sense out of large sets of data.

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